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Meditation Challenge

Have you ever meditated? A few Years ago Every time I read about the benefits of meditation, I wanted to make it part of my life - I have been meditating for the past couple of years everyday...It has changed so much for me- who wouldn’t want to do something that may help with:


🧘Stress levels

🧘Lowering anxiety



🧘Boosting your mood

🧘Lowering blood pressure

🧘 and so much more!

That is why when I heard of our newest program launching in September, I was SO excited!


This 21 Day Meditation program is designed to help you learn to meditate, with 21 guided meditations that are only 10 minutes long! I am seriously excited to have this program on BOD (anyone with Beachbody on Demand access will be able to start right away) so that we can focus on total wellness - mind, body, and nutrition.


And, of course, I want YOU to do it with me - let’s hold each other accountable!


I chatted with the creator of the program- Suze Yalof Schwartz, the Founder of Unplug Meditation - and asked her what to do when my mind wanders while meditating. This always happens to me and makes me feel like I am doing it wrong! To my surprise Suze said that it is part of the process! She said that the process of meditation is always to start with focus inward, then your mind wanders, and you bring it back. Knowing that is PART of the process is so reassuring to me. I cannot wait to see the benefits of this program; I know I am going to want to keep going past 21 days!


So, are you ready to take the challenge with me?


What do you have to lose! It is just 10 minutes a day... 10 minutes a day that can change everything!


Here are a few more details!

🧘21 different 10 minute meditations

🧘Each mediation has a different theme - so you can find the ones that work for you!

🧘All of the meditations are guided, so you don’t feel like you are doing it “wrong” (there is no wrong way!)

🧘A 21 Day meditation journal so you can reflect on your practice- and what helps you the most in daily life!

🧘Join my group so we can all talk about our best practices, tips, and stay accountable!

🧘The purpose is to teach you how to mediate, show you what works for you and to feel the benefits of meditation, in just 3 weeks!


Ready to join?


Click The Relax Button Below To fill out the Info Form

and I will send you more details!

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