YES I Made $6700 in one WEEK as a Beachbody Coach

I am so excited, with the release of P90X2 this week I have my biggest check EVER in my life, YES all because 2 years ago I decide to become a coach to

  1. 1. get a discount on my Shakeology

  2. 2. Because I lost weight with the workouts

  3. 3. because I love the company

  4. 4. because I wanted to help others do what I did with products that worked

Some of you are probably like…. UMMMM Yea, RIGHT.

This is to all the skeptics. I have had THE most incredible 2 years with Beachbody, sharing my story and helping others like me, get healthy, and also start their own business. I still consider myself a NEW Coach, YES I reached the highest rank 15 Star, and there are other Star Diamonds who probably earn more, it is a matter of time and building.

As my team gets stronger, their checks grow, and so do mine. I was ecstatic a year ago making $1000 a week plus, and then at my 2 year mark this year making $3000 a week, Insane…. WHO gets a 200% Raise in a Year?? SERIOUSLY.

It happened because I made the commitment 2 years ago to join this opportunity, to pay it forward, and help people that at one point or another struggled with the same things I did.

At first I just was ok with a 25% discount, then thought, well I could do this, and maybe I could earn an extra $100 or more to help with the bills or grocery money. Being a stay at home and us living off of 1 income anything would help.

Here is my video I hope you will watch….This opportunity is in my opinion the best thing I have ever decided to do, it has gotten me healthy for my family, it has made me grow into a more confident person, and also it has changed our financial future, YES I retired my husband this year…. our roles are reversed and he is now a Stay At Home Dad.

Watch my Video to SEE for your self.

And I encourage you to join this wave now, this company is going to keep getting better, and we have a mission to help people, THE RIGHT WAY, NO GIMMICKS, NO QUICK FIXES.

YOU WON’T REGRET IT. I can show you how.

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