What Can You Do If You Decide to Not Make Excuses?

We all have the choice..

Some choose to wish and dream of being fit, some make excuses, or even say that will never be me.

I wasn’t born with good genes, I am big boned, I don’t have time, it doesn’t work for me, I can’t stay motivated, etc etc etc .. …….


I Know Cause I used them all.

What would you do if you could finally be committed and get the results you desire? I remember really believing the BS I told myself, that I would never look like that, I would never be that girl I so deep down wanted to be.

I fought my whole life with my weight, growing up, being the chubby girl wasn’t fun, being the boys best friend, being called those names, thunder thighs, you name it, Yes we know kids are cruel.

It took me until I was 34 after my second child to say, NO MORE!!

To draw a line in the sand, and say, these things I kept telling myself were that BS.

If I wanted to change, I had to do it, no one could do it for me, no one could, just me. I had to be the one to take control, for me, for my kids, for my husband, for my family.

When I had that epiphany, if you want to call it that, everything changed.

I switched from making excuses, to NO EXCUSES, no matter how loud that voice inside my head was, I told it to shut up, because I was FED UP with being

“The Fat Girl”

Fed up with not being comfortable in my skin. Fed up with feeling like a whale.

I realized, it was me, my mindset, no one was to blame but me.

I made that decision and made my January 2009 resolution, and haven’t looked back since.

My mindset has changed, I believe in myself, I believe that I can, I am strong, and it has surprisingly helped me to succeed in all other areas of my life.

I took that drive and belief in myself, to help others learn, that they don’t have to think they can’t, think that you can, and don’t listen to all those negative comments in your head, and maybe even from those around you.

We have one life to live, why shouldn’t we live it feeling amazing!!!

I am so glad I took that challenge, it has gotten me here, where I am blesssed to be helping others realize they can have all they desire, if they stop making excuses!!

If you are ready to draw the line, and stop making those excuses,

I promise I will help you.



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