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How to Start Getting Results and Lose Weight with Better Self Care..

5 Simple Steps to Incorporate Self Love Into Your Weight Loss Journey: 1. Give yourself reasonable goals that you can track 2. Have a Plan 3. Forgive yourself after you miss a workout 4. Think about your goals before you make health choices..  ie: that lasagna you want to order and eat a huge plate of. 5. Have fun in the process! Listen to the rest of the Live stream for other tips and nuggets.  

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Hillary is a 7 Figure Health and Fitness Coach, Mentor and Social Media Trendsetter.  She helps women over 40 Get Fit and Stay Healthy.   She loves to help others start their own fitness business empires.  She not only knows the EXACT process to help someone be successful fast, she is also ALL IN to help them build a residual income for years to come. 

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