My Top Tips To “Crushin” Your Instagram

Social Media Business Tips & Tricks  1. Tell Your Story With Pictures Use Instagram to show how others what it is like to use your products or the benefit of your services, use your stories or real customer stories. Don’t Be “Salesy”……No one wants to be sold. Show the benefits of what you have to offer in action. Starbucks — one of the best brands on Instagram — mastered this concept. They never talk about price, sales, etc!YES Go Follow Them:

2. Make Your Posts Beautiful or Funny Your Instagram photos should catch people’s eye & inspire them or make them laugh. Boring & depressing stuff won’t help build your brand.For me, the funny Instagram accounts, and the ones with the most beautiful pictures are the best!!Here’s how @BuzzFeed does it:
3. Don’t Post Everything All in 1 time slot. You don’t want to overwhelm the photo feeds of your followers — so all they see when they login are your photos! Space out or schedule your posts.This will lead to unfollows — and lost potential customers.4. Make Sure Your Handles Are the Same Everywhere. Using the same username on Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Youtube, etc, makes it easy for people to find you — and to tag you in their social media posts. And the easier the better!I am Hillary Plauche everywhere!! Follow Me, I Follow Back!!!
5. Become a Hashtag Expert Instagram hashtags will get you more Likes, comments & followers. There’s no doubt about it!

But that doesn’t mean you should over-stuff your posts with hashtags. All things in moderation, people!

Your posts still need to look natural & conversational, and also relevant to the picture they are viewing, otherwise people will feel “played” and UNFOLLOW YOU!

Conclusion These 5 tips might sound easy — because they ARE! But they will pay off BIG TIME if you follow them: 1.Tell Your Story With Pictures 2.Make Your Posts Beautiful or Funny 3.Post Throughout the Day 4.Make Your Instagram Handles the Same EVERYWHERE! 5.Become a Hashtag Expert If you realize these tips can really be utilized across all of your Social Media challenge, the key is to win their eyeballs, and have them become interested in you, to the point of where they don’t ever want to miss a thing you post! This is the beauty of social networking, REMEMBER to BE SOCIAL and Engage with your Followers, ask them questions, give them inspiration, and show them what you have to offer is REAL! Now that you have the BEST Tips around,

HAPPY IG’ing :0)

~Hillary Plauche

For More Instagram Tips, and How to Use “Instagram Stories” watch my Video Below

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