Top Beachbody Coach Trip- France

Top Beachbody Coach Trip- France

Fast forward to this year July 2011 and I am one of the top coaches. My reward for our hard work was a biking trip in the south of France. France not being a place I ever thought I wanted to go. It certainly wasn’t one of those places on my buckets list. However I knew it was going to be a one of a kind trip that was going to be first class all the way. That is the kind of company Beachbody is.

It was great to be a part of this trip but what I didn’t know was that it was going to be 100 times better than I could have expected…3 regions and every single area was breathtaking… We spent 7 days in the South of France through three regions with the 10 top coaches and their guests along with some corporate peeps, including, CEO and Co-Founder, Carl Daikeler and John Congdon. It was truly a blessing to be a part of this trip and the relationships that were built will be forever held. We were all friends before but what this trip did, is made us all closer and we were all able to share a once in a lifetime experience with each other.

Top Beachbody Coach Trip- France

I didn’t set out to make the top 10 to get on this trip . I set Top 10 as a goal so that I could grow my business. I worked hard, being a coach and helping others doesn’t feel like work. I help people change their lives. I inspire others to change their lives, physically, emotionally and financially. Seeing others reap the rewards is one of the best gifts I could ever have in my life. None of this feels like work. The rewards of this business are endless. It isn’t about a trip, it isn’t about being top coach, top recruiter or selling the most Shakeology. It’s really about reaching out to people one on one and touching someones life and helping them live the life they always wanted. It really is about paying it forward.

South Of France

What I found out in France, that people were kind and ready to open their doors to us and weren’t rude like you hear. We rode 45+ miles a day, a few days more than others because we got a little lost, lol right Mike Ryan, Kelley Ryan, Josh Spencer, Melinda Wright and Francee Hydell. France is breathtaking. The fields of lavender, fields of sunflowers, olive trees and gorgeous mountains. It was straight out of a Van Gogh painting. St. Remy was amazing. We toured where Van Goh actually spent his final days and painted some of his only landscapes. Each day was better and better and just when we all thought it wouldn’t get any better, we would turn a corner and it would be even more breath-taking.

Where Van Goh Spent his last days

The 2nd to last day we found ourselves hiking up a mountain and at the top we found on one side the Les Alpes and the other a spectacular view of the Mediteranean Sea. SIMPLY THE most beautiful place I have ever visited. We then hiked our way down the moutain and into the Village of Eze. I am told Bono leaves near!!

Village of Eze, Cote D'azur

It honestly took my breath away. This particular night we stayed at the Golden Goat (La Chateau La Chevre D’or). We were spoiled one last time with a dinner that was truly amazing. The food and drink in France was unbelievable. Nothing is processed in France. The vegetables were simply amazing and so fresh you could almost taste the soil it was grown in. Obesity is rare in France. For the most part, aside from smoking, the French eat very clean. Yes we ate 5-6 course dinners every night but portion size is key here. Another big reason, the French are not obese is because they walk everywhere they need to go for the most part. Gas is too expensive in Europe.

La Chateau La' Chervre d'or

We had amazing dinners, amazing experiences. I Thank the company for such an amazingly unbelievable trip. I don’t think

Cote D'Azur
Nice/ EZE

This company has changed my life. The past two years have been incredibly rewarding. Beachbody has changed my life and made a huge difference in my financial future as well as my personal future.

If you are considering joining this company, you will be joining an amazing team, that is always challenging each other to do better and truly embodies the culture of Team Beachbody. Paying It forward is truly at the heart of each of our team mates and you are not going to find a more amazing group of people.

Beachbody Top Coaches

If you want to know more please contact me ASAP to get started.

We will always have France ! VIVA LA FRANCE!!!

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