Time For You To Win!🔥🤘

#TransformationTuesday, I think it’s a good time to ask ya all....

What’s been happening with the goals you set back in the beginning of January??

At 45 I wouldn’t feel better than I did at 35 if I didn’t keep the commitments I made TO MYSELF!

But the problem is many of us make commitments to ourselves and slowly give up on them and essentially give up on ourselves.This is a sad cycle that I lived for a long time. I know what feeling stuck, and waking up another 6 months from now in the same place, feeling like I was getting now where in my goals... why?!

11 years ago and most of my life before that: I believed all my fears and my excuses!No one else kept me stuck but myself.It wasn’t that i didn’t have enough time.It wasn’t that I was big boned, so I couldn’t possibly be a skinnier girl or even a size smaller than 12..

It wasn’t that I couldn’t lose weight.

IT WAS THAT I WASN’T stepping up for myself

I wasn’t loving myself enough to change it.

Shit, I had to get REALLY REAL WITH MYSELF, and I still have to check myself from time to time.

Fear & negative voices like to rule our subconscious minds and keep us stuck.I had to look at myself in the mirror, and say, HILLARY, the bullshit you are telling yourself is just that... bullshit!

If you want something, why can’t you have it?

I’m just as capable as every other human on this planet. And so are you!You see, my life changed when I looked in the mirror. When I realized I wasn’t being real with myself and taking responsibility for why I was not changing.

Not just in my health... but in life!That day over 10 years ago, that decision to stop ✋the bullshit stories I was telling myself, and go after the body I wanted, the life I wanted, the business I wanted, and the freedom I wanted.

That little decision to show up for myself, to get fit.That was my catalyst to do so many things and achieve so many things I could never have imagined 11 years ago.When you start feeling good on the inside and the outside....IT REALLY DOES CHANGE YOUR LIFE!In every way ladies!!

🤘🤘Let me be your mirror today!

If you aren’t showing up for yourself ... let’s get REAL.... and change that TODAY!Come and join my free facebook groupOR if you want results by summer....

Send me a message and let’s make a plan! Let’s chat!

Time for YOU to WIN!! ❤️🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤩

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