The Different Types Of Yoga

The Different Types Of Yoga

Yoga is gaining more and more popularity in the West with each passing day. Yoga classes are being conducted by the dozens with an increasing number of attendants. These yoga classes offer different types of yoga exercises which include Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Bikram, Vinyasa and many more. The trick is to understand the technicalities of each type of yoga and then choose the one that suits you best. Ashtanga is a kind of yoga that is practiced regularly by an increasing number of yoga enthusiasts. It is a Sanskrit word that means eight limbs. Ashtanga is a quick and powerful style of yoga that is performed in conjunction with breath synchronization. It is a very demanding form of yoga because one constantly keeps on moving from one pose to the other. It is very good for improving stamina and tackling muscle stiffness. Power yoga is basically the western form of Ashtanga. You may find differences in the poses of ashtanga and a power yoga sequence, but the basic idea of both is the same – continuous exercise with breath control.

Vinyasa, in Sanskrit, means synchronization of breadth and movement. It is another kind of intense yoga that emphasizes on breathing. Vinsaya begins with a salutation to the sun and then moves on to a deep stretch. Every pose of the vinyasa is balanced out with a counter pose.

Iyengar Yoga emphasizes on the form of the body and its correct alignment. During Iyengar yoga, one is supposed to hold the required poses for a longer period of time. This is in contract with the constantly changing poses of the rest of the yoga exercises. In Iyengar yoga, certain props like straps and blocks are also used for proper body alignment.

Hatha means the sun and the moon in the Sanskrit language. This is not as intense as other forms of yoga, but rather slow and gentle in its approach. It is highly recommended for beginners. The main purpose of the Hatha yoga is to synchronize your mind and your body with your spirit.

Bikram Yoga is also known as Hot yoga. It is practiced in a place that is heated to one hundred and five degrees with a humidity level of approximately forty percent. It comprises of twenty six different sequences. It is best for cleansing your body of toxins.

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