The Body Symphonic: 6 Steps to Orchestrating the Perfect Fitness Regime

Shared from Team Beachbody Newsletter

By Mark W. McEachren

The coolest part of a symphony is watching all the players just before they start. In that single millisecond, the rise of the conductor’s baton draws us in, focuses our attention, and takes us from audience member to participant. We’re transformed. Now, what if transforming your body, the difference between sitting in front of your TV wishing you had a lean-mean-body or actually developing the talent to create it, was as simple as lifting that baton? Let’s look at 6 Steps to Orchestrating the Perfect Regimen so that your one-man act can become the iconic Body Symphonic.

Imagine that you’re now the conductor of your fitness regime. Taking charge of your own body change is no simple task though; it’s hard work. And what’s usually missed in these beginning stages is that even before you begin the physical work . . . there’s work to be done. Think of this like music study before playing an instrument. We would all like to skip a beat between thinking and doing, but if you want ripped and awesome, you definitely want to start with the foundation of exercise theory. The action of rock-solid intensity demands it.

So grab your baton and let’s get on with the show!

The Body Symphonic: 6 Steps to Orchestrating the Perfect Fitness Regime

  1. Composition Every great work of art begins with a blank page. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a blank stare (blink, blink . . .). The brilliant thing about doing exercise regimes like P90X® or Insanity® is the notes that create the sweet sound of success have been arranged for you. But before you Push Play on that first workout DVD, do your prep work. Read your guidebook and figure out the schedule. Study the nutrition guide and plan your meals. Get your gear straight, know your support team, and take your fit test. Figure out what your goal is, and how you are going to get there. Preparation and study will only make the process easier in the long run. Congratulations, you may move to first chair.

6 Steps to Orchestrating the Perfect Fitness Regime
  1. Intermission The music stops, the lights go up, everyone files into the lobby for a drink (or two) and the lines to the bathroom stretch down the hall. It’s brea