Superfood Formula: Is New Shakeology Worth a Try?

Superfood Formula

Thousands of people have loved Shakeology and have made it as their meal replacement shakes to get with the prime of life. With such a liking for the shake, Beachbody has come up with a new formula while adding on to the health benefit of Shakeology.

Therefore, the best meal replacement shake now comes with even better health benefits than before. If you have tried Shakeology, you must know the difference right from the start.

Once you open the newly designed bag, (yes, the outlook is new as well), you can easily realize the difference of smell of the new recipe powder. The chocolate Shakeology, which used to smell somewhat like dark chocolate, is now more like a light milk chocolate, and definitely tastes different as well.

Here is a review of the New Shakeology Formula so that you can know how it is even better meal replacement shake for you:

Less Sweetness, More Benefits:

Although you may hear a number of people still comparing the previous formula of Shakeology with the new super formula, this new Superfood formula is there to help the individuals even more.

The new formula is fairly less sweet than before, as it is build in accordance with the perfect nutritional requirements of your body. Try to keep up with less sugar levels in your body, as the general American diet is consistent of extremely high quantities of sugar. Order Shakeology and know the difference of taste and its impact on health by trying it out yourself.

Energize More with Essential Minerals:

The new formula of Chocolate and Chocolate Vegan Shakeology also comes with an added Himalayan Salt, a special ingredient that contains 70 trace minerals essential for the human body and acts as an energizer upon ingestion. This not a conventional salt and help to keep proper sugar levels in the body, maintains water, keeps the PHP levels in check and promotes respiratory and vascular health.

More Herbal Shake and No Illegal Substances:

The new Shakeology shake is also laden with the most useful herbal ingredients that are taken out from suma root & blue-green algae. These ingredients also have great health benefits for the sportsmen and are advanced enough that the athletes can easily make use of them without having to fear any illegal supplements. Also, the grass juice powders that contain probiotics are essential in killing the harmful bacteria from the digestive tracts.

New Formula – Shakeology Review and Recipes for it:

You should order the new Shakeology chocolate formula taste and try it. If, initially, you do not get along with the new taste, try to get funky with it. Shakeology recipes can be found online or you can make up your own Shakeology recipes to fit your tastes.

Make a smoothie or a desert or blend it with fruits and nuts to get the best out the shake and attain even better fitness.