Stop Focusing on Dumb Shit

“Stop Focusing on Dumb Sh!t”

Everything about the results you’re getting in life, as well as how you experience the results you’re getting, is flowing from and occurring as a result of how you Focus your mind.

All. Of. It.

Every feeling you have, everything you do, everything you fail to do, every relationship you have, every result you’re getting (and, more important, every result you’re not getting) is a byproduct of what you’ve been Focusing on.

Improving your quality of life, whether that means feeling better, behaving better, or producing more of what you want in your personal or professional life, always comes down to the task of improving the quality of your mental Focus.

Each one of us fills our life with physical manifestations that which we Focus on, and as long as you continue to Focus on dumb shit, you’re life is going to be filled with it.

As far as I can tell, the dumb shit that distracts your Focus and keeps you from really getting what you want in life consists of information that is some combination of Irrelevant, Unchangeable, and Negative.

Irrelevant: That shit which absolutely, unequivocally, and indubitably does not matter to you on any level, to any degree, and by any standard.

It does nothing to make you feel good, inspire you, or provide you with knowledge that will aid you in the achievements of your goals or the fulfillment of your desires.

Unchangeable: That dumb shit about which nothing productive, constructive, or positive can be done. Anything from the past that troubles you, worries you, brings you down, or interferes with your ability to Focus on and create what you want Now and in the future. The fact that a given person (other than yourself), situation, or circumstance in your personal, professional, or virtual/digital life is the way that he/she/it is at a given moment in time.

That which other people think of you. You cannot directly change what people think; you can only change how/who/what you are.

Negative: Something tells me you probably have some firsthand experience with how dumb this shit really is. Anything which prompts, triggers, invites, or compels you to Focus your mind on and feel bad about what’s wrong. What’s wrong with you, with them, with the world, with the situation, with what they’re doing, what they did, with that they didn’t do, with how they’re doing it, etc.

“If you go around looking for what’s wrong, you’re f*cking going to find it.”

It’s about falling short of your potential to experience ecstasy in daily life, to make each moment truly special, to consciously and intentionally practice the art of feeling good for no reason at all, and to constantly do wonderful things which will give you great reasons to feel even better than you did already.

Sincerely, I love you. Now stop f*cking around and go create exactly the sort of life you want from the inside out.

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