Stay at Home Mom- Bringin It With P90X and Insanity for the New Year

A Stay at Home Mom Bringin it with P90X  & Insanity

Bringin it!

Here it is….. My 90 day commitment… To Get Ripped!

I haven’t yet done a full round of P90X and I must admit I have been kinda afraid to. I have done Insanity in the past, VERY Challenging.

I want to break the plateau I am in and commit to see some real changes. So this Stay at home Mom is Bringing it with P90X and Insanity.

I will Blog about my progress here. If you want to join me please subscribe so you can be accountable with me.

P90X is one of THE TOP selling infomercials in Beachbody and I am ready to commit. My nutrition will be very clean and will consist of Shakeology 1X a day. My goal is to add more muscle and get leaner. Maybe a clear 6pack! haha

Last time I did Insanity I felt amazing, but it was hard. I am excited to see what my results will be. I have less than 90 days before I embark on A curise with many other Coaches from Beachbody, so I must get bathing suit ready. This Mama is gonna bring it!

Here is my schedule… Join me.

P90X Insanity Hybrid Schedule

Here are my before’s, let’s see how ripped I can get. I will update in 30 days.

 Before... P90X and Insanity

Before ripped

Before Stay at home mom doing P90X and Insanity

DAY 1….. P90X Chest & Back and Insanity Cardio Abs– Completed..

I can tell you my arms, well my chest and shoulders and a shakin’ I am excited that day 1 is complete and looking forward to seeing results. P90X Chest and Back workout was full of Push-ups, OH MY. Thought i was good at them already, haha. Pretty much every kind you could think of, Military style, Diamond push ups, plus a few more. Even some pull-ups, which I don’t have my pull-up bar yet, coming in the mail. So I substituted it and used the bands, still very challenging.But like Tony says, “you gotta Do Your Best, and forget the Rest”. By the end of this 90 days This Stay at Home Mom will ROCK THOSE PUSH-UP’s OUT!

I finished it off with Insanity Cardio abs…. OUCH and yes felt great. 16 minutes.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.. I am off to drink my Shakeolgy. Now looking forward to how sore I will probably be tomorrow!

LET’s BRING IT Sisters!

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