What You Post On Social Media Affects Your Personal Brand… How Do You Want to be known…. How To Expa

Everything…… I mean EVERYTHING you do on Social Media affects your Personal Brand. “How Do You Want to Be Known??” Using this as an example….. My Like Page:

If I was “DoberManGirl” or “ScubaGirl” My page would be expected to ONLY be about Dobermans or Scuba Diving. The Who, Whats, Where, Whens, Why’s, and How’s of those Subjects..


Why wouldn’t you have your Page be You, and a tag line of who you are and what you are teaching or sharing with your fans, and the people who would like your page. Getting personal and being all the parts of YOU, not just fitness, gives you the opportunity to expand on all of YOU, and dial in the main things in your message.

EX: I am a Lifestyle, Business & Fitness Coach, and social media expert, who is a wife and a mom, who loves to dance, loves wonder woman, who lives in florida, has dogs, chickens, a cat, is a home owner, who loves to scuba dive, workout, eat clean, and help empower women, to name just a few…

Do you see where I am going with this?

Just like your profile, your Like Page, your Instagram, Pintrest, etc…. People should see all of you on social media, PERSONAL CONNECTION, bring them closer, because the more they know you and love you, the more they will trust you and buy from YOU!! My Recommendation……. Brand You before any specific part of your marketing. Opens up way more possibilities for you and content share with all your fans.

Don’t: Make your Page Hillary Plauche Fitness, or Hillary Kelly Scuba diver chic, instead make FREE Groups on subjects like that and have people opt-in for free info and connecting.

What a great opportunity to Create your list filled with people LIKE YOU!

A little about the Author: Hillary Plauche has been a Successful Business, Lifestyle and Fitness Coach for almost 10 years. Mainly showing women, from her own experience, how to change their lives, and stop feeling stuck in their lives. Manifest their dreams and live the life they were meant for.

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