Shakeology Superfood Formula: How to Keep Taste and Health Together

Shakeology Superfood Formula

People look for new tastes and flavors. From Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Continental cuisines to fast foods and the others, millions craves for savory flavors and tastes, which their body craves. However, does your body need to face the consequences of your hankering? Is it fair that you let your body-shape go to the unhealthy eating habits? Negative!

There is still a solution to this all and that is Beachbody’s Shakeology. Buy Shakeology if you want to tantalize your taste buds while keeping your body lean, sleek, and your system refreshed and detoxified.

Shakeology Offers Better Tastes and Healthier Effects:

Beachbody takes care of your body and your health. With the help of the best meal replacement fitness shake in the market to replace all your nutrient deficiencies. The super-duper Shakeology wraps up all natural ingredients to let your body build up health, and comes in Chocolate, Greenberry, and NEW Tropical Strawberry.

You might have heard by now that Shakeology is improved even more with the help of its new formula that tastes better and add more to the health than the previous ones.

What is it about the New Shakeology Super Formula?

Shakeology now comes with even better health benefits with the addition of marvelous ingredients for improved results. The new formula, or known popularly s the “Superfood formula, has three changes to make it even better:

Less Fructose:

With the help of adding coconut flower nectar and Luo Han Guo,

More Fiber, from 3 to 6:

This is done with the help of adding more plant protein.

Addition of 4 New Superfoods:

Including the following:

  1. Cocunut Flower Nector

  2. Luo Han Guo

  3. Himalayan Salt

  4. Moringa

The new Superfood formula also has the concentration of grass to help better extract the nutrients without sacrificing the taste. Order Shakeology new formula and let your body flow with more efficiency and vigor.

Shakeology will not only help you remain in the pink of health, but with all the best ingredients, it is an effective tool in managing the weight loss.

The new formula instantly became a hit among the customers as it still maintains the enticing taste, and adds advanced benefits to the health. If you not much satisfied with the taste of the new Formula Shakeology then you can add to the shake with the help of a number of recipes that are available on the internet to create a taste that fits individual palettes.

The Shakeology recipes can be made with the help of seasonal fruits. You can make plenty of smoothies, deserts, cakes or other snacks and add to the flavors, without compromising on health.

Shakeology recipes also come in the form a 30-day calendar, a new recipe each day, so that your fitness never gets bland and you never get bored with what you take in your mouth. Hence, Shakeology is the solution when you do want to take health hand in hand with fitness without any compromise.

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