“Self Care is the main essential to manifesting anything in your life”

Hillary Plauche
it's time to open the door to some new ways..

Today I am going to talk to you about the importance of #selfcare ♥️

It may just change your life!🤔😱

Self care is not a one time deal😮.... it’s time to open the door 🚪 to some new ways... you won’t regret it!

📌You need to create a constant repetition of tiny habits which help you grow emotionally, physically, and mentally. Creating habits and routines are important! Once something is a habit and you develop a routine it is no longer a burden. There is nothing more important than taking care of YOU. You cannot make the positive things happen in your life if you are not filling yourself with positivity. You cannot pick out of an empty bucket!

📌I am going to share with you some tiny ideas that you can fit into your busy day and take a moment for you.

1. Take a moment to appreciate the things around you! Look up at the stars, smell the flowers, appreciate how beautiful your family is (even though all the mess around your house). Close your eyes, take a deep breath, really feel the air coming into your lungs

2. Have a small thing around your house that is bugging you? Take 5 minutes and fix it! Don't allow something to continue to nag you day in an day out. Just get it done and fix it! <3

3. Be SELFISH! Do one thing today just because it makes you happy.

4. Create a routine that gives you a moment. Every morning I love to sit outside and drink my coffee. At sunset I love going out on the dock and feeding the fish in my pond. Those two moments bring me such joy! Find those things and do them every day! Make them your routine.

Hillary Plauche
One of my happy places.. My pond!

5. Edit your friend list on social media! I am not saying delete your family members but we all have that person that is always posting negative things. Get rid of them! If you don't want to unfriend them, unfollow them. Their posts won't come up on your feed any longer.

6. Surround yourself with positive people. This is the biggest self care advice I an give you. Succumbing to negative thinking is sometimes easy. When you are surrounded by people that are constantly saying "you can't do that", "are you really going to do that", or not supporting your goals TELL THEM or stop being around them. It's easier said than done but the second you allow them to win and make you feel that your goals and aspirations aren't good enough or not achievable than they will be! Find someone that will celebrate your success and help you push through your failure and challenges to reach that goal!

7. Change one small things about your diet each week. I know that diving into a diet can be hard but gradually work into it! Cut one thing a week or every few days. Lower your carb intake, then cut out sugars, add in exercises! Before you know it you will not even realize it you're shedding pounds and feeling better each day!🤘🤘🔥🌸

#mindbodysoul #takecareofyou #loveyourself

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Hillary Plauche

10 years ago I decided to stop living life in my comfort zone. Now I LOVE doing things that scare me, because it means more growth for me in my life! 🔥🔥🔥

I have been coaching women for over a decade!!!!!

Desire to reach my goals, give my children a dream life, and help people do the same, has been my driving force.

What do you desire??

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