P90X Workout or Les Mills Pump: Mark the Differences

P90X vs. Les Mills Pump

P90x Workouts have remained the king of the series of workouts by Beachbody for a long time. The extreme home fitness program, which was created by Tony Horton, proved results and charted high in sales.

Beating the competition of P90X has been a hard job, but other workouts like Insanity and Les Mills Pump rose up as the contenders. Below you will find a brief review of P90X vs. Les Mills Pump Program. Fitness trainers from all over the world feature Les Mills Pump DVDs to give the best fitness results.

Learn how this workout became the newest challenger for P90X in home fitness scenario.

P90X vs. Les Mills Pump: Workout Plans:

Les Mills International came in collaboration with Beachbody to bring one of the most popular weight training classes (Body Pump) to DVDs, taught in the gyms all over the country. P90X is also a weight-training program but it also takes care of the strength training perspective.

Although Les Mills Pump and P90X workouts are both cardio conditioning workouts, but P90X wins the round as it offers weight lifting that is more intensive for an extended period as compared to Les Mills Pump, which requires you to involve in workouts with lighter weights but a greater number of reps.

Equipment Required for the Workouts:

A common notion is that lifting heavier weights will bulk you up faster and better. However, it is not the real case. Both P90X workouts and Les Mills Pump requires the person to use only a few equipments to get the results.

For P90X the basic equipment used will be the resistance bands. The other training exercises will only require you to use your own body weight. This will help you avoid the confines of one place.

Les Mills Pump also may not require heavy equipment but you will need a barbell and a set of weight plates (included in the pack) to do the workouts.

Pump vs. P90X for Workout Intensity:

Even for a physically fit person, both Pump and P90X can be difficult. Although P90X is considered as one of the extreme workout programs, but is no less challenging.  With the right amount of weights and the repetition of reps, it can be as brutal as its competitor can. The Pump Revolution is one example, as it is the most intense workout of Les Mills Pump.

Check out my transformation results with Les Mills here: Les Mills Pump Results– Beachbody Workout

In short, both these workouts have some advantage over the other. You cannot judge the workouts over the intensity as both follow great results. Order these Beachbody home workouts, check out the results for yourself, and let us know what you think is the best. Good Luck

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