One of the key ingredients in finding happiness is self-awareness!

🌸Self awareness is not easy, it took a long time to identify my bullshit behaviors and become good at auditing what’s going on in my head and with the people around me... it’s a process that’s never ending and continues today... It is like a muscle you must practice the skill daily.

🌸Learn to recognize, your strengths, but even more importantly your flaws, when we can be real with ourselves, it is then we can be real with others.

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Self awareness is...

The quality of your life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% on how you respond to what's happening to you. The more you learn about yourself and how you function, the larger your self awareness becomes.

It’s who we ARE that we attract. ❤️

If you are loving, You’ll attract loving people.

If you are full of anger, you’ll attract angry people.

If you are sad/ depressed, you’ll attract sad and depressed people. Etc..

Having an awareness of who we are being moment by moment, allows for choice of BEING and a better and a more joyful experience now. 💥

The mind can be trained just as we train our body. We often focus on trying to change the external circumstances, other people, and our own bodies, all the while accepting our inner circumstances, our belief systems that were generated in our childhood and youth.

One of the key ingredients in finding happiness is self-awareness and understanding our own narrative and belief systems.

With self-awareness, you learn who you are, who you want to be, and what it will take to get there.

It is some of THE most important work you can ever do! 🥰


How often are you working on these skills?? Tell me in the comments below👇👇

Check out my IG stories from today (they will expire in 24 hours) I expanded some more on my own self-awareness journey... VULNERABLE post!!


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