My First Year As a Beachbody Coach… What a RIDE!!

OW… I cannot believe it this Thursday September 9. 2010 marks my first year anniversary as an Independent Beachbody Coach, owning my own business. And what an exciting and life-changing year it has been. When I signed up I knew it was going to be a ride, but I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams all the things that have happened in just 1 year! So I decided to write this Blog entry, especially for those of you who are still thinking about becoming a Coach, or to those of you who are just still talking about making your business as a coach grow, but just maybe haven’t made the effort.

It all started after in January 2009, being overweight 1 year after having my 2nd son via c-section.. I chose to make a life-changing commitment to get healthy for me and my children. Now I will not go through all the details, my transformation is on this website. Losing over 70lbs and 60inches in less than a year, from a size 14 to a size 4.

I joined on September 9 2009. I knew I would be getting a discout on products I was already using, especially Shakeology(saving 25%), as a coach you are not required to do a thing, you can just join for the discount, like a Costco card for Fitness! But I was excited at the possibility of making a business work for me. So I COULD contribute to my family’s income, pay for family vacations, and continue to be a Stay at home mom. Plus I get to help other people do what I did, pay my success forward. Help myself and others have accountability with their weight-loss and fitness goals. How amazing to help others!

After researching and watching what other coaches were doing, I knew I had already been helping people, people were asking me what I was doing to be losing all this weight, how did I do it?, Could I help them?? Could they borrow my DVD’s? ETC ETC.. I had connected with my sponsor through Facebook, and spoke with her, my biggest Question was… “How was I, as a Stay at Home Mom, going to do this, when I do not get out very much??” aside from trips to the grocery store or running kids back and forth to school?? Well as my sponsor pointed out… DUH! Social Media… YES! I was already on it everyday.

So Immediately I started connecting with people who had the same interests as me, thru Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, stay at home moms, who I had things in common with.. And what I found out, is that there were so many people like myself, who needed support and guidance and accountability! I started connecting with people all over the country, and even in some cases other countries! Within 2 weeks I became an Emerald Coach and and got my first Check! And it wasn’t work, it was all by just sharing my story and helping others, without expecting anything back.. Not being a salesperson, being REAL! I am not a fitness professional, just a stay at home mom.

1 week in I got my first check.. $12.46 and 2 weeks later $85.49. Those were just retail sales.

With the help and support of an amazing team, I was able to stay connected to, which kept me motivated to succeed and start growing my team. I was helping people in 2 ways… Helping them reach their fitness goals, and helping others to start their own business, or just get a discount on an amazing product like Shakeology, that in turn gets them healthy. WIN WIN! An amazing and truly positive business.

Me getting to meet CEO Of Beachbody Mr. Carl Daikeler January 2010 in Boston Mass.

My team presented the Challenge of going Diamond in 90 days, so I of course was up for the challenge. Going Diamond meant helping more people and growing my business at the same time. But to do this I was going to have to do more things, like getting out of my comfort zone, and talking to people more. Which I admit I was not good at at all. I was a girl who when it was time to read a book report at school I would pretend to be sick.. Speaking face to face with strangers, or even doing public speaking, scared me to death!! LITERALLY!!

My Business has grown 90% from Social Media, with people i don’t know and even people that I already knew, it is a powerful tool, especially to anyone who wants to work at home, no matter what business you are in.

So one of my first challenges as a Coach was to set up a call for the team I had started building so I could help them be successful. That was scary, and I was nervous, but I did it and was proud! By October of 2009 I made the list of TOP Recruiter for Beachbody, it was an amazing feeling. My team was growing and the people I had connected with as customers were also having success, getting emails everyday from people telling you you have helped them , is an amazing feeling and so worthwhile, income aside!

In January of 2010, I made a trip to Boston, to meet my sponsor and other coaches at an Official Beachbody EVENT.. The Game Plan Training, where the CEO Of Beachbody Carl Daikeler and other Top Coaches spoke about the amazing company, and I also got a chance to see the kinds of people doing and succeeding in this business, regualr people, Grandmothers, teachers, doctors, police officers, stay at home mom’s like me. None of whom were fitness professionals, just regular people sharing fitness, health and accountability with others with products that work!

With the excitement after the trip to Boston, a week later I officially Reached Diamond Status as a Coach, skipped over RUBY!!! My team was growing along with my business! And I myself was able to reach my fitness goal. Which is truly another perk of being a Coach, being accountable to yourself in your own fitness, I was helping others to do it, so of course I had to keep up with mine so I cannot let anyone down!

I had not only been getting healthy, & helping others, I had started to grow personally and mentally as well. At the recommendation of my team, started doing alot of personal developement, reading anything I could to help me grow. lots of Audio too, as a mom sometimes reading a book is pretty challenging, so my car became a classroom, and my laptop while I was working.

I get these questions ALOT, What is the Secret?? Does it takes alot of time, because I don’t have the time to do it I am too busy right now… Well there is no secret, it is helping people and putting your time into it, not alot of time, but ultimately you get from this business what you put into it. And I can also tell you we are all busy, I am busy, 2 little ones, but IF and when you want something and focus on working for it, you make time for it, just like weight-loss, it IS a choice by YOU, to succeed or NOT!

It doesn’t take alot of time, and it is something you can do as you go about your day, it is networking and talking to people, which I bet you do already. I myself was already doing it before I joined, I wasn’t at my goal. Which some people think they must be to be successful at this. The answer is NO, take people on your journey of getting healthy with you! Some of the most successful coaches are just starting on their journey.

After January is when my business really started to be solid and produce a weekly income. It doesn’t happen overnight, you have to build a foundation. And mine was starting to roll! (in just 3 short months, I had a consistent weekly check) Which came from helping my team to grow. Fast Forward to April, alot of my team was starting to advance to Emerald themselves, because I was helping them, and they were helping others!!

I made the decision to make the trip to The Beachbody Coach Summit, in Los Angelos California, which would be my first trip to California. And to my surprise was asked by Beachbody, Larry Zimberg called me, to see if I would give a testimony about my success, to the whole Summit! I had been in Success Club since January all because of sharing an amazing product called Shakeology, which I myself cannot go a day without. I was also asked to speak at The Shakeology training as well, and even asked by my Coach to give a presentation to my our team at our team meeting there! WOW!! I accepted, but knowing how I hated public speaking, knew it would not be easy!! AT ALL! But I did know one thing that I could talk about it, share what I love, and speak from the heart, I just had to get uncomfortable and do it! (Check out my blog for the video here) And I am so happy that I did, it went amazingly well and I had an amazing time, feeling the energy of people who are also doing and having success with Beachbody! People who are on my planet, so to speak! I know just by me sharing my story there i was able to help some people who may have been struggling thinking they cannot do it. I also got to meet face to face, for the first time, my mentor, and a lady whom has inspired me to keep going and DO MORE, Chalene Johnson! She even, much to my surprise spoke about me at the summit! WOW! check it out, I still get goosebumps..

Getting to Share my Story in Front of 2500+

I came back home from that experience fired up and ready to DO MORE to keep my business going. Which is what I have been able to. In July I hit the 2 Star rank with Beachbody and could not have done it without an amazing team who is also working hard! I am blessed to have this opportunity, and am thankful for the people I have met, customers, coaches, teammates!And

Some Of My Team I met at Summit Ladies who are leading their own teams, Terri Cruce, Teri Walker, Charity Brooks, & Linda Ghattas

I cannot wait to help 1 million more people to get healthy. I look around everyday and it assures me people do need our help, not just to have a beachbody, that is not what it is about, it is about living and being healthy, about taking responsibility for yourself and changing your life!

The income is amazing I am in just under a year making over $1000 a week consistently and it increases weekly as my team grows, as they become successful! Because you cannot get into this business and reap the rewards of a team unless you actually put the effort in! I am here to tell you, it is NOT a scam… It is fitness, and it works, anyone person on my team could do better than me, and I hope they do!

So since Really March, I have been at the top of the list ranked #2 Top Coach, and my name is heard on all of our calls, it is not from doing nothing, it is from helping people! It is not hard work, it is something I do do everyday,

I have to it is my business! I am available to my customers, and to my team! And Just This Month, August of 2009 I made it to #1 for the month TOP COACH and have made the list of Top 10 lucky Coaches out who get to have CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, visit my house hear in New Preston CT!

Me with my amazing Team Leader, friend and Sponsor Christine Dwyer Walker, Charity Brooks, & Linda Ghattas

This opportunity has taken me beyond anything than at the time I could have imagined. I am now doing more than just contributing to my family’s income, I have paid the mortgage, taken vacations, even a surprise trip to Disney, and able to have the luxury, which to me is THE most important, to be able to make my own hours and give my time to my children… That is priceless!

Speaking to My Team Platinum Presenters

I am happy and ecstatic with where I am now, but cannot wait to see what the future holds, because it is just going forward and the future is sooo bright, I need to wear my shades! I look forward to updating this BLOG 1 year from now! For those of you wondering if it is REAL and if this is possible, look no further. I am posting my income statement from the past year so you yourself can see how it has grown! All from helping others, and paying it forward. I can go to bed at night with a smile on my face and feeling warmth in my heart, because I am truly doing something that I love and truly doing something that is making a difference in people’s lives.

Chalene Johnson and myself

Some Great amazing Team Members and friends!!

My First 6 months

And Now my second 6 months… Drumroll, Notice the week in June, Release Of Turbo Fire”!

If you are considering joining, and having a Plan B… Don’t wait! Join my team, it truly is a life-changing opportunity! To Be Physically and Financially Fit. Contact me so I can get you started too.

UPDATE: You can now read up on my 3 Year Beachbody Anniversary!

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