My First Year As a Beachbody Coach… What a RIDE!!

My First Year As a Beachbody Coach... What a RIDE!!

My First Year As a Beachbody Coach joined on September 9 2009. I knew I would be getting a discout on products I was already using, especially Shakeology(saving 25%), as a coach you are not required to do a thing, you can just join for the discount, like a Costco card for Fitness! But

After researching and watching what other coaches were doing, I knew I had already been helping people, people were asking me what I was doing to be losing all this weight, how did I do it?, Could I help them?? Could

So Immediately I started connecting with people who had the same interests as me, thru

With the help and support of an amazing team, I was able to stay connected to, which kept me motivated to succeed and start growing my team. I was helping people in 2 ways… Helping them reach their fitness goals, and helping others to start their own business, or just get a discount on an amazing product like Shakeology, that in turn gets them healthy. WIN WIN! An amazing and truly positive business.

My team presented the Challenge of going Diamond in 90 days, so I of course was up for

So one of my first challenges as a Coach was to set up a call for the team I had started building so I could help them be successful. That was scary, and I was nervous, but I did it and was proud! By October of 2009 I made the list of TOP Recruiter for Beachbody, it was an amazing feeling. My team was growing and the people I had connected with as customers were also having success, getting emails everyday from people telling you you have helped them , is an amazing feeling and so worthwhile, income aside!

With the excitement after the trip to Boston, a week later I officially Reached Diamond

I had not only been getting healthy, & helping others, I had started to grow personally and mentally as well. At the recommendation of my team, started doing alot of personal developement, reading anything I could to help me grow. lots of Audio too, as a mom sometimes reading a book is pretty challenging, so my car became a classroom, and my laptop while I was working.

I came back home from that experience fired up and ready to DO MORE to keep my business going. Which is what I have been able to. In July I hit the 2 Star rank with Beachbody and could not have done it without an amazing team who is also working hard! I am blessed to have this opportunity, and am thankful for the people I have met, customers, coaches, teammates!And

I cannot wait to help 1 million more people to get healthy. I look around everyday and it assures me people do need our help, not just to have a beachbody, that is not what it is about, it is about living and being healthy, about taking responsibility for yourself and changing your life!

The income is amazing I am in just under a year making over $1000 a week consistently and it increases weekly as my team grows, as they become successful! Because you cannot get into this business and reap the rewards of a team unless you actually put the effort in! I am here to tell you, it is NOT a scam… It is fitness, and it works, anyone person on my team could do better than me, and I hope they do!

So since Really March, I have been at the top of the list ranked #2 Top Coach, and my name is heard on all of our calls, it is not from doing nothing, it is from helping people! It is not hard work, it is something I do do everyday,

I have to it is my business! I am available to my customers, and to my team! And Just This Month, August of 2009 I made it to #1 for the month TOP COACH and have made the list of Top 10 lucky Coaches out who get to have CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, visit my house hear in New Preston CT!

This opportunity has taken me beyond anything than at the time I could have imagined. I am now doing more than just contributing to my family’s income, I have paid the mortgage, taken vacations, even a surprise trip to Disney, and able to have the luxury, which to me is THE most important, to be able to make my own hours and give my time to my children… That is priceless!

I am happy and ecstatic with where I am now, but cannot wait to see what the future holds, because it is just going forward and the future is sooo bright, I need to wear my shades! I look forward to updating this BLOG 1 year from now! For those of you wondering if it is REAL and if this is possible, look no further. I am posting my income statement from the past year so you yourself can see how it has grown! All from helping others, and paying it forward. I can go to bed at night with a smile on my face and feeling warmth in my heart, because I am truly doing something that I love and truly doing something that is making a difference in people’s lives.

Update: Read my 3 Year Anniversary Post HERE –

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