My 4 Year Anniversary As A Team Beachbody Coach

Many of you may or may not know my journey, I have made a blog post for every year that I have been a Team Beachbody Coach

A Journey that started for me with a 70lb weight-loss, weight gained during 2 pregnancies. My journey became inspiring for those around me, and people that I shared my story with. So to make a long story short, I made the choice 4 years ago this month (September 2014) to become an official Team Beachbody Coach and to help others realize their potential and live a healthy life… Not to have a Beachbody but to strive to LIVE as healthy as they can be, and if they wanted a Beachbody that if they set their mind to it they could have it.

You can read my 1st, 2nd and 3rd year blog posts here…..

When I was 225lbs, and even as a kid, I was the chubby one.. getting picked on in school. I always fought my weight, and always thought… NO that would never be me. I told myself that I would never be a “SKINNY GIRL” . Looking back know, it was the excuses I told myself, like I am big-boned, or it is in my genes… I told myself I could never be a size 6…. BUT…. it was all lies I told me.

Thanks to Beachbody I found much more than a 70lb weight-loss…. I FOUND ME.

After having 2 children and being a stay at home mom, I remember feeling lost in who I was…. I was just the MOM, feeling as though I had lost myself… Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE my boys, they are my life… But I think us Mom’s put everyone in front of us.

I had lost confidence in myself, being overweight… and was tired. Losing weight was just the beginning of getting ME back, it taught me that I could do anything I could set my mind to, if I just BELIEVED I COULD.

There are many successful Coaches in Beachbody who work just as hard as I do, and maybe even earn more…. But I know my journey and what is possible so I won’t and DON’ T compare myself to others AT ALL.

This past 4 years I have learned that my success depended on me helping other people succeed. Whether it was through losing weight, or being healthier, to Financial freedom.

Before having kids, way back when my jobs consisted of MASTER SCUBA DIVER TRAINER, waitress, & Restaurant manager…. I remember always thinking I was meant to do something important, yet I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I loved all my jobs…. and NO, I NEVER went to college. 

I always felt that there was something I could do that had a purpose, but never really knew what that was. That purpose was to help others. Everything in my life has led me here, and I wouldn’t take back 1 single bit of it, mistakes, struggles, the whole enchilada.

Just before becoming a Coach and starting my coaching business, we filed for bankruptcy, after that I think I was at the bottom… frustrated and not knowing what I could do to get life back for our kids. So when I joined as a coach, it wasn’t to become a MILLION DOLLAR EARNER, or a TOP COACH, it was to help with the groceries, and maybe help pay the mortgage. And maybe, just maybe build a business that I could remain at home with my 2 boys, I couldn’t bear the thought of having to go back and work in a restaurant, I would never see them.

That was my reason for starting…. It felt right… And wanting to help people see that they could lose weight, that they could do it, if ME…. The person who at one time had all the excuses could do it… They sure as heck could do it.