My 3 Year Beachbody Anniversary!!!

Hillary's 3rd Anniversary with Beachbody

3 years ago I started my BeachBody Business to help with groceries and get a discount on Shakeology.  Let me first start by letting you know if you want to get the full story please get up to speed by reading my first 2 years posts…. I update my yearly status and earnings in each.

A whole heck of a lot has changed in just three short years, a little over a year ago in June my husband was able to quit his job, and now we are living in Florida with our two boys. We just moved officially!!

We had always hoped and dreamed of retiring to Florida and hopefully having a place on or near the beach.  It has become our reality now.  Just 20 years early. My boys don’t have to be cooped up inside during the winters and can enjoy time outside. Its a totally different lifestyle now. Its truly a dream come true.

My team has grown from one to about 4000 coaches.  I have seen so many people on my team reach 6 figure incomes this year and its all because of this amazing opportunity.  The growth of my team is adding hundreds of coaches every week.  I always believed in this opportunity and that is the main focus and I have remained consistent in helping others and paying it forward. I always knew it could work for us, and I kept believing it and that is what catapulted us into the life we now have. Its possible if you just reach out and treat it like a job.  Not a typical job but it has definitely given us the freedom to do what we want when we want to do it.

My Income has more than tripled since last year, and being a SuperStar Diamond Coach you get quarterly bonus’s as well, a profit sharing and percent of the company’s earnings. I also have 2 Successful business Centers, in addition to my husband and I building his as well… So if you count that, that is 3 checks every week!!! My Team  is growing like wildfire!!

My first 2 years were beyond what I would have imagined with Beachbody… and this past year, it just keeps getting better, I was my second year in a row a Top 10 & Elite Coach, and was awarded, in March a trip with my family to the Cove in Atlantis, and a DREAM trip to Tahiti in May,an 8 day stay at the St.Regis in Bora Bora, a place I had dreamed of but never though I would EVER go. And Spolied by Beachbody first class all the way, shark swimming, jet-ski and Atv riding and hanging with some amazing people.

Atlantis with My Family and My Beachbody Family.. a little work and a lot of play..

Onto TAHITI… Pictures don’t do it Justice……

This past August I was able to host a Diamond Retreat at a Private 5 Star Villa in the Dominican Republic. They were pampered and spoiled and we had so much fun but truly the best part was getting to know them better. Seeing the lives of others change for the better has been an amazing gift. In the beginning it wasn’t and still isn’t for that matter about the money. Its about helping others and showing others how they can change their lives too. It is SO much more than I could have ever