Motivation Monday: 1 Key 🔑 Motto For Success In Your Life

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Good morning it is Monday. You guys are coming with me as I am watering the plants here in Florida. Time for some Monday Motivation. This is my morning routine, my morning ritual. Get the kids off to school, watch the Sunrise, water the plants all before I start my day!

Obviously I work at home as an entrepreneur and I am coaching people all day long.

This is my bubble. I like to call it my bubble, where I live, where I work and I try to keep it as beautiful as I can and as most peaceful as I can.

You HAVE to protect your space.

A thought for this week, try this. ......

I practice mindful living and at 45, in life, in business, in your relationships and everything.

My Motto is "if it doesn't flow, let it go. Always let it go and you know you can't ever go wrong."

It's a simple life sale, simple, simple life tip.

If you feel like you're forcing something. If you're feel like you're forcing your relationship, if you feel like you're forcing, a project, whatever it is, or you've committed to too many things and it's not working out.

The more you try and the more it's not working and you try and force it, the more stress there is and the more things fall apart.

You know when you're in FLOW,

Being in the flow and the flow of life in the sweet spot.

Watch Jason Silva, he did a great video on this, (Love him Btw, such a great mind)

it's why I guess it's on my mind today but it's so true.

When I'm not forcing things, when my space is happy, when my mind is clear and I'm living in the moment..... that is when life flows!

When we have fear and anxiety and worry, it's oftentimes because we're living in the past or we're looking too far ahead in the future. While we can't control what happened in the past.

Yes, we can learn and grow from it. But you can't stay stuck dwelling on it. You can't change what happened in the past. You can only change today, right?

You can only be present in today and you can only change today. So Be content and be happy and be mindful. What you do today sets the tone for the whole week.

Let's say yesterday you had something that's wasn't working out. Make the decision to mindfully let it go and move on and use that MOTTO for the rest of your year.

"if it doesn't flow ALWAYS, let it go"

Because when things don't work, it's just kind of barrel rolls.

I like to call it low vibration, stuck in a low vibration pattern, you're not in sync, you're not in tune with, with your flow. Your mind blocks the FLOW!

When you get into the SWEET SPOT and you start to live mindfully and you start to pay attention, making decisions from logic, mindfully. T

Instead of just rushing and forcing things for a desired outcome, and hurdles and roadblocks keep popping up, it is when it is time to use this MOTTO.... Let it GO!

This is why living mindfully is so free'ing. There's days when I get up and I don't feel like doing certain things, I don't feel in flow.

So I'll shift to, maybe I need a little self care.

Maybe I need to come out and ground myself.

Sometimes I need to rest.

Then there's weeks where I'm so creative, I oftentimes can produce so many things in just days. Things that would have taken months or never would have happened if I wasn't working in FLOW!

Pay attention to when you're in flow..... You will know it, it feels effortless.

That's my message for today. On this beautiful, beautiful Florida day.

You guys are, we're almost at spring and actually you can hear the beautiful birds this morning, but I'm going to go finish watering my flowers.

I wanted to leave you this message so you could have an amazing Monday. And remember, put this MOTTO your phone as a reminder. Put it on your refrigerator door, put it on your on your bathroom mirror. Learn to clear your mind, so you can find the flow.

When you see good things, it's reminders. To stay in the positive... A remember to find your FLOW!

Remind yourself to always be mindful and go with the flow.

If it doesn't flow, let it go.

Have an amazing day & remember. Stay mindful, stay motivated, have an amazing week!!

10 years ago I decided to stop living life in my comfort zone. Now I LOVE doing things that scare me, because it means more growth for me in my life! 🔥🔥🔥

Desire to reach my goals, give my children a dream life, and help people do the same, has been my driving force.

What do you desire??

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