Know The Harms of Medication and Drug on Your Wellbeing


Most common social problem among the young generation is the drug abuse and addiction. The community trends render it as a habit of the morally weak. People experiment with drugs on different levels, out of curiosity, peer pressure (in youngsters), to improve performance and as a cure to stress, anxiety, or depression.

Over usage of any form of drug can be destructive for health and wellness of the mind and body. The consequences of drug use are a more fretful problem than the consumption of such extreme chemical substance repeatedly.

Here is a little perspective on the usage of drug excessively (drug addiction) and its harmful effects on the body.

Drug Usage and the Effects On The Brain

All abused drugs have one thing in common: altering the way the brain looks and functions. Overtime, the drugs cause chemical changes in the brain which leads to a number of mental disorders and often severe conditions.

Cognitive Issues:

Heavy doze medicines or other chemical substances interfere with your ability to think clearly. This leads to disorders of the behavior, loss of short memory, poor judgment, and low cognition. In extreme cases, brain damage and other psychological disorders such as schizophrenia

Escape from Reality:

People who are immune to strong drugs such as inhalants, heroin, Xanax, speed, or Vicodin, have uncontrollable desires and cravings to do something big and extra ordinary. They do not have control over their nerves and are unable to maintain their mental connection with reality.

Uncontrollable Cravings:

Recreational drug surges the levels of dopamine in your brain. This causes the brain to feel mistaken feeling of pleasure and the urges become uncontrollable, to the point of addiction. Therefore, they continue to use the drugs abnormally to feel good, or stops from feeling depressed.

Drug Addiction and the Effects on Health:

Although drugs have the most severe effect on the brain and nervous system, but as they are taken, drugs or heavy medications touch most of the body systems and are likely to cause damage along the way.

Endocrine System:

As they are chemical compounds, taking drugs changes the body temperatures. Often with heavy dosage, the abuse leads to physical manifestations such as men developing breasts or excessive bleeding. In addition the feeling of uneasiness and night sweats is a common symptom of drug overuse.

Circulatory System:

Drugs also affect the heart. They speed up the pumping dangerously or slows it down to very low within seconds. Heart attacks are a side effect of drug use.

Injecting drugs in blood vessels causes collapsed veins and the damaging of liver.

Immune System:

Drugs are notorious for weakening a person’s immunity to disease and increase the chances of infections and sickness as a result.

Other Health Impacts:

Drug over usage makes a person vulnerable to accidental injury. People lose mental stability, consciousness, are injured or disabled or increase the chances of death by abusing drugs and medicines. It is estimated that one out of every four deaths occurs because of drug use.

Avoid the Drugs:

If you are taking drugs of heavy dosage to change your life or to mend any health related ailment, then keep a check that you do not over do it.


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