Keeping Meals under 300 Cals with Recipes that Stick!

Meals under 300 Cals

Shirking the waistline is not an easy job. You need to sweat more, work hard, and bring greater pains to lose off the inches.  Getting on a diet boot camp style can help you get off the weight quickly

People who have slimmed down even a bit can control their calorie intake eat less than those who have never dieted. The trick is to keep the meals you take under or around 300-calorie chart.

According to the researches, “Dieters need to permanently cut out at least 300 calories from their daily intake to stay at their new weight.”

Calculating the Calorie Intake in the Body:

The lower calories you take in the body, lower will be the number of pounds you gain on. There are 3500 calories per pound of body fat.

3500 calories = 1 pound

Therefore, 300 calories is 8.5% of a pound (about 1/12th of a pound).

Theoretically, you do not take up 1/12th of a pound if you consume 300 calories a day, because water and proteins combined makes up a pound. However, if you are taking in fewer calories and you body is burning off more than 3500 calories, you will lose one pound of weight.

According to the Professor at the Columbian University New York, “The number of calories you are going to have to eat to maintain that weight loss falls by 22 per cent. That’s 300 calories or more a day less than someone who looks exactly like they do.”

Sticking To a 300 Calorie Diet Daily:

You do want to keep a check on the calorie count in your meals. Shakeology meal plans can help you keep the calorie count intact.

Calorie Count Amount per Serving in Shakeology: 140.0

When planning the meals to keep them under 300-calorie count, you should make sure that your meals cater to the nutrition categories properly.

Beachbody offers a list of meals and recipes that can help you control your calorie intake, and keep them between the calorie counter you want for better weight loss and leaner body. Shakeology are under the 300-calorie count/serving come in these flavors, Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry and Green berry.

Tasty and naturally energizing, Shakeology helps you improve your health and lose weight. Click on the links of the following recipes to get the details:

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology:

Less than 200 Calories

200–300 Calories

300–400 Calories

Greenberry Shakeology:

Less than 200 Calories

200–300 Calories

300–400 Calories

Chocolate Shakeology:

Less than 200 Calories

200–300 Calories

300–400 Calories

The Upshot of the Complete Diet Plans:

All these recipes are nothing to starve you. You will be eating more, catering to the hunger pangs and the appetite when you know how to pick the right foods and the right portions.

Create your own recipes with the help of the ones given here, and share your own low calorie diets with us.

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