Insanity Reviews- Pure Cardio- Week 3 Insanity/P90X

Today was My Last workout of Week 3 of my 90 Days Of Insanity/ P90X home workout.

Hopefully some of you have been following along with me. You can download the schedule I am using here.

At the end of week 3 I am definately feeling stonger and not as sore!! However, I am sore from yesterdays P90X Legs & Back workout. But I know it is working its magic. Wall squats, lots of lunges and Pull-ups which I can now do 3 unassisted without a chair. GO ME!!

On to today’s Workout which was Insanity PURE CARDIO, I thought that I would review the entire workout for you. While it is challenging it packs a punch and just keeps going.

Only about 38 minutes long, The warm-up… Which itself feels like a workout, LOL… but then comes the pre-workout stretch, getting ready to get down to business.

Shaun T States that he is nervous for the upcoming workout, and he leads off with a SHOUT, “Come on guys, Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOO”!!!

For the Next 18 or so minutes a serious of 1 minute drills… No Breaks

1. Suicide Drills

2. Switch Kicks

3. Football Drills

4. Stance Jacks

5. Peddle Sprint

6. Hooks and jumps

7. Power jacks

8. level 1 drills

9. Frog Jumps

10. Knee ups

11. Mountain Climbers

This is about the time Shaun T says, it is ok to take a break (always check your heartrate, do what you can, you will get better at them)

“Not Trying to Hurt You Just trying To Make You Better” . which gives you that last bit of motivation to keep on for the last 4 drills.

At this time, I am tired and Yes, doggin some of the drills but continuing on.

12. Ski Down

13. Scissor Runs

14. Suicide Jumps(not my fave)

15. Push-up jacks

and happily DONE!!!

Then a much deserved 4 minute stretch, while totally drenched in sweat and soooo happy that I made it through.

Insanity is hard, but also at the same time that is what makes it great, it challenges you to do better, and each time I have done this workout I get better at the push-up jacks and suicide drills, and maybe can do the jump rope a little higher.

This is one of my favorite Quick Cardio workouts, gets right down to business. I love P90X, but I am also a Cardio junkie so I love the hybrid of using both Insanity and P90X together, a great Combo.

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