Insanity P90X Hybrid Review- Week 9

This is my journey so far, Can’t believe it is altready week 9, I love the progress I have been making, having a set back being sick, but rested and picked up where I left off. The Combo of P90X and Insanity has been amazing. And the amped up MAX Insanity workouts are a killer, but totally pushing me to do more and do better.

Shaun T really pushes you, and I love the results that I am getting. P90X Back & Biceps has become one of my fave workouts in the series!! Being a Stay At home and work at home mom, these workouts definately allow me to get kick butt results in the comfort of my own home!!

So if you have been following along, here is my VLOG.

You can also purchase, either, or both of these programs right here on my site.

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