Improve Your Posture With Power Yoga

Posture is one thing that has the ability to form your image in front of all the people you come in contact with. A proper posture tells a lot about you while a weak posture also lets other people know how you feel about yourself, the rest of the people and the situation at hand. Let us first agree on the point that almost all of us have problems with our posture. We do not give a single moment of thought to the issue that when we are slouching on our sofas. We are doing quite a lot of damage to our bodies and our postures. All around us, we see people hunched over their tables or desks most probably due to the minimum amount of sleep that we got last night or just pure boredom. Whatever it is, we must be aware that by indulging in these involuntary habits, we are acquiring improper posture. This bad posture, over a long period of time can result in great pain.

The first problem is that we are not told by our elders at home or school what proper posture should be. This results in our ignorance regarding this matter. Yet, we can always learn what good posture is and acquire it after practicing. Yoga is one thing that can prove to be very useful to you in this regard.

Yoga helps you attain great posture by synchronizing various parts of your body by aligning the spine, muscles and various other parts of your body. It also strengthens your abdominal muscles which protecting back from straining. Yoga also lets your body hold its own weight. Yoga does not only provide good posture, it also energizes your body.

Take for example the mountain pose. If you practice it on a daily basis, you will see that your stamina has increased considerably. You will also feel a stronger abdomen. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of time to do this exercise. It can be practiced anywhere.

There are no props needed to do the mountain pose. It is very simple to do, yet it utilizes each and every part of your body. Stand with your feet under your hips. The heels and balls of the feet must be pressed into the floor. Slowly stretch your toes. When this is done, you can move to the next step. Rotate the inside of the thighs forward without moving your feet. Make sure that your knees are not locked. Move your hip about 1 inch back. Draw your belly-button inward towards the spine. Lower the tail bone towards the floor. At the same time lift your torso away from the hips.

A few minutes of this exercise daily will take care of your posture.

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