Immune Boosters - Natural Tips To Keep You Healthy Right Now 💪

With the status of this global virus pandemic we could all use a healthy boost to our immune systems. It is so important for you to do everything you can to eat healthy to keep your immune system running in tip top shape.

Focusing on these immunity-boosting tips to keep healthy all year long.

I have put together a list for you and how to use them.

Bone Broth

You can make this even more beneficial though by adding bone broth to the mix.

Bone broth has an amino acid called glutamine in it. It helps your white blood cells, and your muscles to recuperate and nourishes the entire body.

Ways Use Can Use Bone Broth

- in soups and stews

- as a standalone warm beverage

- in place of olive oil when cooking

Gobble Up Fermented Foods

Recent research has provided us with a new astounding fact – your gut is home to a second brain. It may sound crazy, but it's true. The good news is that you can keep those beneficial bacteria that flourish there to keep you healthy thriving and strong. The best way to do this is to start developing a fondness for fermented foods.

Things like kimchi, the popular Korean side dish served with every meal, as well as sauerkraut, kombucha, or even pickles, to name a few.

Fermented Food List:

- kombucha

- kefir

- pickles

- sauerkraut

- kimchi

- miso

Make Room For Mushrooms

The kids might not be happy about this, but mushrooms have beta glucans in them which help strengthen your immunity and block infections. You can eat whatever mushrooms you enjoy for this effect.

Put them in your soups, add them to your mixed veggies, top your salad with them raw or cooked, chop them up and include them in just about anything.

Simple Stuffed Mushroom recipe

Clean and de-stem mushrooms.

Sprinkle olive oil inside mushrooms before stuffing.

Stuff with your favorite ingredients — between 2-3 ingredients.

Tomato, onion and an herb is always a great combination.

Cook at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes.


Let The Sun Shine In

Most people don’t get enough vitamin D in their lives. It might be cold out, but grab your warmest coat and let your face get some sun. Even if you commit to a ten-minute walk per day, it makes a load of difference.

To supplement, there are certain foods you can eat. Cook up fatty fish like salmon or serve more eggs, particularly the yolks. These have robust sources of vitamin D for everyone to enjoy.

Get More Rest

When your immunity is wearing down, one of the best things your body needs is to simply rest. It’s during the state of rest that your white blood cells work their magic, so take a load off and get in that nap or go to bed earlier every night.

Take care of your health now. Stay healthy!

Tips For Great Sleep

- get into the routine of a relaxing bedtime ritual

- use blackout curtains to block any streetlights beaming in your windows

- go screen-free an thirty minutes to an hour before you crawl in bed

Get Active & Stay Active

Sweat It Out ~ Regular exercise produces endorphines, the happy hormone that fights stress.

When you work out regularly, your body's immune system gets stronger by producing more infection and cold fighting antibodies and white blood cells. Also,  raising your heart rate will also flush out toxins in your lungs and a rise in temperature also makes it harder for bacteria to grow in your body.

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Making sure you are taking care of your health, and your body, and doing everything you can to boost your immune system to fight off any sickness.