How to Ground Your Body: Feeling One With the Earth

Everyone could use a little grounding in their life. You may be unfamiliar with the term grounding or earthing, but it is nothing to shy away from!

Grounding is a natural way to ease the stress in your life, as well as improve sleep by using--that’s right--the very ground we stand on! Our bodies were meant to come in contact with the earth daily, multiple times per day even.

Throughout the years, humans have gradually spent less and less time outdoors. Between long hours at work, the day-to-day chores associated with owning vehicles and homes, over-stimulation with cellular devices, and easily accessible entertainment right from our couch, it has become increasingly unpopular and difficult to get in leisure time outside.

Recently, tile, carpet, wood and other synthetic floorings have been introduced that replace the very floors our ancestors walked on- the earth in its purest form.

Read on for ways you can ground your body and get back in sync with Mother Earth, all while relieving stress, decreasing inflammation, and syncing your body with the earth below you.

The easiest way to practice “grounding” or earthing is to take your shoes off and head out to an area where your bare feet will be in contact with rocks, dirt, water, or sand. Some of the best places to ground your body are at the beach, a stone pond, or hiking trail. You might even have the perfect grounding spot in your front or back yard! It’s as easy as it sounds!

Take in the smells and sounds around you, feel the earth below you and make sure you relax. Relaxation is essential to receive all of the benefits of the earth, and the electrodes from the ground. The key here is to spend enough time outside daily barefoot. Grounding once a day for 30-60 minutes is ideal! The more time you spend barefoot outdoors, the better!

Not only do athletes like Lance Armstrong practice grounding, but several others are ensuring they too are getting in their daily earthing. Emerging studies have shown that the electrical energy in our bodies balance out with the electrons in the earth, equalizing and, in turn, reducing inflammation and chronic pain, every time you ground! It’s as easy as heading out barefoot to check the mail, taking a 30-minute walk on the beach, walking through a shallow stone creek, or enjoying a small dirt trail on the greenbelt.

Grounding is the most natural way to balance out the energy in your body and feel less stressed. Give it a try!... It is a daily practice for me... I hope you love it too!

10 years ago I decided to stop living life in my comfort zone. Now I LOVE doing things that scare me, because it means more growth for me in my life! 🔥🔥🔥

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