Hillary Kelly: Success Club Confidential

“Success Club has helped me grow my business exponentially and sets the example for my Coaches to follow.” – Hillary Kelly

Hillary Kelly: Success Club Confidential

By Network Writer, Howard Shapiro

Top Coach, Elite Coach, Top Recruiter?they’re just a few of 14 Star Diamond Coach Hillary Kelly’s illustrious accomplishments. So who better to chat about how to use Success Club to rocket your business to the top? It’s a must read for any Coach looking to give their business a shot of adrenaline.

Still basking in the glow of the latest Chairman’s Club Adventure trip to France, Hillary Kelly settles in. She’s tired, but she’s ready to get back to work. And luckily for Hillary, work these days can be done from the privacy of her own home.

It was only a few years ago that she was facing a familiar dilemma for so many stay-at-home moms: how to find work that would allow time and flexibility to take care of the kids?as well as herself.

It all began to change for Hillary when a friend told her about Beachbody‘s ChaLEAN Extreme fitness program. She decided to try it.

The results were startling.

She lost over 70 pounds and 60 inches in less than a year and went from a size 14 to a size 4?and all after having her second son via C-section. “People wanted to know what I was doing, and it boosted my self-confidence,” she says.

Then, while looking for Chalene Johnson on Facebook, Hillary found more than another friend to add to her list. “My Sponsor, Christine Dwyer, reached out and introduced me to the business,” she recalls. “The rest, as they say, is history.”

“I initially signed up just to get a discount on the products!”

Hillary remembers the early days and how she got out of the gate quickly. “I’m not a nutrition expert, but I started with the simple approach of sharing my story both in person and on Facebook,” she says. “I think people responded to that.”

“I never felt like a salesperson at all,” Hillary goes on. “I had no agenda, except to help people get fit. If you break it down, that’s what this business is all about.”

The idea of “helping people” would become her mantra?and a key behind her success. By listening to people’s needs and recommending Beachbody products like Shakeology, Hillary hit Emerald in just two weeks. And for an encore, she went Diamond at three months. “It exceeded my expectations,” she says. “And I was helping people physically, mentally, and financially.”

The true defining moment, however, didn’t come until the six-month mark.

“I saw my name on the Success Club Leader Board.”

“It completely opened my eyes and changed everything,” she says. “I had set Success Club 10 as a benchmark, so it felt really good to see I was hitting my goal. At that moment, everything suddenly became very real for me.”

So real, that Hillary has hit Success Club 10 every month she has been in the business. In fact, she finished 2010 at #2 on the Leader Board. “Success Club has helped me grow my business exponentially, and it sets the example for my Coaches to follow,” she says.

“I’m not in competition with anyone but myself.”

Hillary told me she uses Success Club as a monthly barometer. “You have to set small, attainable goals for yourself,” she explains. “If you work your business every day and don’t look too far ahead, you won’t get overwhelmed.”

So what would Hillary tell a new Coach trying to emulate her level of consistency in Success Club?

She pauses thinking this over.

“Start by making it your goal to hit Success Club 5 every single month,” she advises. “The worst that will happen is you will grow your business in the process. What’s wrong with that?” Hillary adds, “There’s no quick fix or magic pill. For me, it’s about being consistent every day and working the Game Plan