Go Up a Fitness Level with Higher Beachbody Coach Earnings

If you have started your Beachbody coaching business, then you must be enthusiastic about getting to the higher levels of coaching. Making efforts and getting support from the top coaches can help you improve your earnings greatly, while you improve your health along the way.

What Happens At the Beachbody Coach Levels?

At all the Coaching levels, Beachbody coach earnings and activity differs from the previous level. The ranks, bonuses, and commissions received by the coaches are calculated weekly based on two things:

  1. Active Status: When you maintain at least 50, Personal Volume (PV) points within in a bonus period.

  2. Rank qualifications: according to the different ranking levels

The system is updated every Wednesday night. The calculation of activity is through the two legs of the coaching ranks: a left leg and a right leg. The active status of a coach and the PV received will determine the coaching rank, and bonuses received by the coaches.

coach income ranks

How Many Coaching Levels Can A Beachbody Coach Attain?

Overall, the Beachbody has established “nineteen” official ranks of Beachbody Coaches. Here is a brief detail of all these Coaching Levels that you go through when you become a Beachbody Coach.

Beachnody coach levels


This is the basic or the first level through which you start your business. At this level you will be eligible to get a 25% discount on all the Beachbody products and services and earn 25% commission for each retail sale you make. You will need 50 Personal Volume points (PV) to reach the next level, Emerald.


At this point, you will have two personally sponsored (PS) coaches, are eligible for customer lead program, and can earn team cycle bonuses ($15-$19) up to 40 times daily. You will need 75 PV points to reach the next level, Ruby.


As soon as your PS coaches reach the Emerald level, you reach the Ruby status. Here you will get bigger and more frequent cycle bonuses, whiling earning of 5% of the weekly cycle bonus earned from your PS active coaches. With a minimum of 100 PV, you reach the next level: Diamond.


At this level you will have six additional PS coaches. Your earnings on bonus on each team cycle can be between $22 and $25, which can occur up to 150 times daily. As a diamond coach, you will earn a 10% matching check bonus.

Income of all Diamond coaches in 2009 was, Lowest: $485, Highest: 296,130.

Star Diamond (15 Levels):

With the common requirement of being in the active status, you need a minimum of 200 PV to top up the level ranks. For reaching a higher Star Diamond level, you need equivalent number of Diamond rank PS coaches in your pool. E.g. to reach 2-Star Diamond level you need 2 Diamond PS coaches, for 5-Start Diamond Level you need 5, and so on.

This image below will help you get a brief know how on the star diamond coach ranking requirements:

star diamond beachbodycoach levels

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