Get in Shape with P90x Transformations for Women

With so many workouts offered by Beachbody, you get a variety of options of getting in shape and losing weight according to your personal body requirements. Each workout is no less than the other is, in fact many people have created a hybrid of different workouts for getting to an even higher level of fitness.

Women are often looking for a fitness routine that suits with their stamina, but is extreme enough to get them ripped. For such cases, P90X home fitness program for the transformation of women is the best choice. Here is a detailed review of the program, and you can decide if P90X transformation is your preference.

Beachbody’s P90X – P90X Transformations for Women:

More of a fat-loss than weight loss program, P90X focuses on “muscle confusion” which lets you to use a variety of training sessions that put to test and move different body parts to help you get better results.

The whole DVD pack is divided upon 12 videos that are estimated over 60 minute each. The time of the exercises also include warm up and cool down, so it is not a bad pick for the working ladies, who are usually running short on time. However the Yoga X routine is a bit too long and takes up to 92 minutes, but offers you utter relaxation. Time worth spent.

Some other routines that are included in the P90X workouts for women include the following:

  1. Chest and Back,

  2. Plyometrice,

  3. Kenpo X,

  4. Core Synergistic,

  5. Shoulder and Arms,

  6. Legs and Back,

  7. Back and Biceps,

  8. Cardio X,

  9. Chest, Shoulders and Triceps,

  10. X Stretch,

  11. Back and Biceps.

P90X Transformations Women, a Perfect Workout Plan:

Tony Horton has mastered P90X transformations for women and brought out this amazing challenge to give your body a test. The workout plan of all the aforementioned exercises are structured to give out three training blocks each of which is four week long. These three blocks or phases are:

  1. The Adaptive Phase: A set of exercises to get your body to familiarize with each new set of workouts.

  2. The Mastery Phase: After your body learns the routines, it is now taken to the next level of workouts that will help it to develop even further and respond to exercises.

  3. The Recovery Phase: The third phase is as important as the other two because in the recovery phase you need to keep your muscles adapted with the routines while healing them so that your body grows strong.


You do not need extreme routines for body modification. Women’s Insanity Transformations and P90X might be your lucky workout routines. Get to know about them. Use P90X according to the guidance of Tony Horton and ensure new muscle growth and greater strength gains.

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