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Joining the Beachbody’s Business Success Opportunity:

Beachbody business is also an appealing opportunity for the entrepreneurs because you not only earn, but you also share the great rewards and appraisals by becoming the coach. If you goal is to motivate people to get fit, then Beachbody Business opportunity can help you out.

By joining the team of leaders who are stepping-up consistently to be successful, the Team Beachbody mission will sheer up the volume and will highlight your game plan strategy. Not only that, Beachbody will reward your efforts by sharing some high points with you while you put in the efforts to succeed.

Success Club Coaches take home rewards like luxurious trips to exotic destinations, monthly customer leads, and eligibility for other rewards programs, such as Elite and Elite Adventure. Here is a little insight on the Beachbody Rewards Policy and the Success Club Entry:

Success Club in the Beachbody Business:

Beachbody Success Club is actually a reward program, as recognition to efforts the coaches put in – the backbone of the business.

The more business you do as a coach by bringing in more coaches to Beachbody and by making more customers, more rewards you will earn. Coaches, who qualified for success club every month in 2011, averaged a 234% increase in their paycheck.

2012 and 2013 for Beachbody success clubs are scheduled for:

  1. Success Club Conference and Celebration at Walt Disney World

  2. Success Club Leadership Conference in Dana Point, CA

  3. Elite Adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina

All these plans are for different levels of success clubs, obviously, but the best part is that the program is for everyone to join in and have equal chances of winning.

Entering the Success Club Program:

The qualification of the Success club is a simple 3-step process:

Getting Personal Volume Points:

Be a Beachbody coach if you want to gain the Personal Volume (PV) points. All you need is to drink Shakeology by ordering it from Home Direct/auto ship order. You can also order a combination of other Beachbody supplements to get the 90 PV points.

Earning 5 Success Club Points:

Secondly, you need to rack up success club points by getting a new customer who purchases 90 PV to equals on success points.   You can also get people to get the challenge pack (worth 2 points for you) and you are in. Any 5 points combination in a month will get you in the success club.

Enroll At Least One Coach:

You can also help others to join Beachbody coaching and get PV points for the coaches. At least one Success Club point must come from a new Coach every month, which you will enroll.

You will enter the success club as you gain the 5 PV points. However even better rewards are for the Coaches who get 10 Success club points. They will have more leads to travel, cash, bonuses, and of course more free leads for their Beachbody business.

Learn more about Beachbody Success Clubs:

If you are already a Beachbody coach then it is time to take greater benefits from your efforts and get the cool things. If you have just entered the business, then take the help of a Beachbody Coach to successfully join the Beachbody Success Club and grow your business.

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