Enlighten the Beast in you; Get yourself Body Beast

An unattractive body is a troublesome matter for everyone. Whether you are a student or a professional with a heavy cheque coming in every month, a lousy figure is not what you need, especially if you are a guy. Do you want appreciation from your colleagues and friends through stunning outlook?

Often your hectic routines do not allow you to do workouts at gym. Don’t worry! Beachbody has a solution to your problem. Get yourself Body Beast! This product will lead to you to live your dream and helps you maintain your self-impression.

About the Pro behind the Expert Program:

Body Beast schedule is designed by former Israeli Army officer-Sagi Kalev who is doing extensive workouts since he was 16. He has earned his degree in nutrition and physical education. His training involves dynamic sets and extensive workouts, which he has included in the Body Beast workouts as well.

Get yourself astonished through Body Beast results. It is something that will give you what you have imagined to have for so long, an ideal body similar to the expert trainers and professional bodybuilders.

Are you ready to get yourself transformed?

Body Beast workout schedule is a combination of old and new techniques of weight lifting and body building. It includes the sports science to create Dynamic Set Training, which will exhaust your muscle in a unique way that was not possible before with any other workout. As a result your muscles get huge and you feel more self-satisfied.

You can choose the Body Beast schedule according to your wishes and mould your body the way you like:

Selecting the Huge Beast Schedule:

If you want to become big, you can opt for Huge Beast Schedule. With the help of heavier weights and tougher fitness routines, Sagi makes sure that you pump the muscles like you have never before. As a result, see the muscles you thought never even existed.

Select the Lean Beast Schedule:

If you have fats to lose, go for Lean Beast Schedule as this schedule involves more cardio exercises to burn more fat that is growing over your muscles. It will be exhausting, so be prepared for it.

Eating Right! Body Beast Nutrition Plan:

You need to eat right if you want to see Body Beast results and the challenge pack lets you do that in a jiffy. The nutrition guide that comes with the plan includes 4 non-steroid supplements to intensify the muscle growth and build the body stamina. These are:

  1. The Hardcore Base Shake

  2. Fuel Shot

  3. M.A.X. Muscle Acceleration Xtreme Creatine

  4. Super Suma

Overview of Beast Body workout Plan

Get yourself body beast workout sheet to have an overview of program that you are going to experience:

The best thing about Beast Body workout program is that you can achieve your dream of huge body with the assistance of expert trainers while staying home.

Don’t wait to get yourself Beast Body, and enlighten the beast in you today!

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