Build Your Muscles, Enhance Your Metabolism: A ChaLean Extreme Challenge

A ChaLean Extreme Challenge

Whatever may be the age of the females, the body image they fantasize for themselves is always toned and athletic. No woman wants to look sluggish with a fat belly weighing their image down. With the adoption of a complete fitness system, now every woman can now easily adapt their bodies to burn fat with the buildup of muscles.

“Muscles burn fat” is not a concept but a fact, which is utilized by Beachbody in the extreme DVD workout series “ChaLean Extreme”. These Beachbody ChaLean Extreme routines are presented by the fitness coach Chalene Johnson who makes even the hardest sessions fun and energetic.

ChaLean Extreme: Exercising Principles At Their Best:

ChaLean extreme workout for women essentially helps to condition the body so that your body adjusts with the ability to raise its own metabolic rate and add to the burning of fat fast, while putting a hold on further accumulation.

The program is a complete fitness set for 90 days which is divided into 15 workout programs depending on your unique muscular profile, and are inclusive of:

  1. Basic techniques and forms to help start with the program, Burn and Band basics,

  2. Three unique phases that are divided into three parts each, Burn, Push and Lean,

  3. Strength training programs that includes cardio exercises which will help to solidify the metabolic rate of the body.

Cardio Workouts to Resistance Training: Proper Use of Muscles:

Smaller and tougher reps that are introduced in the ChaLean fitness program will help both men and women to build the form effectively.

The three phased exercise plan, divided on 30 day each, uses up your muscles progressively, without jolting or tiring your body. Just pick up the weights and execute smaller reps with flys, curls, and triceps extensions.

Phase One – Burn:

This phase focuses on developing the muscles of upper and lower part of the body.

Phase Two – Push

By the use of heavier weights, in the Push phase, you push your muscles even further for getting maximum results.

Phase Three – Lean:

Formation of the muscles is the key target of this phase. Sculpt your body with the combination of weights and resistance bands.