Body Beast Beachbody Preview: Total Body Workout Schedule

Exercising may not look so hard, but you may not build up anything and plateau at the end without following a proper workout routine. Despite all the weights you lift day in, day out, you need to get proper training if you want to start seeing some proper results.

If you want to get in touch with actual exercising and want to see proper results, you need to get trained from the expert trainer Sagi, the creator of Bodybeast’s latest workout program that will help to get the body of a champion. The training program is focused to provide you with Total Body Solution with the help of a schedule that is broken down in three different blocks to let your muscles guessing what is coming next.

Results: Massive Gains for Your Body!

Sagi says, “How bad do you want it?” If you are up for the challenge that will let your body plateau and will offer you a totally ripped body, then check out here what the Body Beast DVD package  will offer you.

Beachbody Body Beast Workout Schedule for Maximum Results:

Body beast is known as the first program that focuses essentially in bulking up the body. With the help of a most natural system, you can boost up your health and muscle formation that will add to strength and vitality.

The workout schedule is divided into two different parts that will help the people with different goals.

  1. Body Beast Schedule No. 1: Huge Beast

  2. Body Beast Schedule No. 2: Lean Beast

Huge Beast Body Beast Workout Program:

This total body workout program is for those who are looking for massive workout program, which is combined with intense cardio. This program is a more preferable option for those who are not into losing weight and do not mind the addition of few pounds, in form of body muscles.

The Body Beast Beachbody Huge Beast program is three weeks long with 6 days of total brutal exercising and weight lifting while giving you one day off from the intense workouts. The Huge Beast DVD workout schedule is divided into three blocks:

  1. Block 1: Build, 3 week long program

  2. Block 2: Bulk, 6 weeks long program

  3. Block 3: Beast, 3 weeks long program

Lean Beast Body Beast Workout Program:

For those who need muscle mass, yet want to shed off the few extra pounds, Lean Beast Body workout is the best. The three workout programs, or blocks, are designed to give you a schedule that will not only bring the best muscle form, but will also replace the fats, to tone up the body shape.

The schedule of Lean Body Beast program is similar to huge Beast Body program, with the three workout blocks, Build, Bulk, and Beast, each divided on 3 week, 6 week, and 3 week respectively.

These workout aims to bring normal physique people to the expert level with an award winning shape. You can get the Body Beast Beachbody workout according to your needs and stamina and get ripped with Sagi, the award winning personal trainer and nutrition counselor.

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