Beachbody Best-Selling Home Fitness Programs, Now In Canada!

Team Beachbody In Canada

Canada is soon to face a new era of fitness and health as Beachbody is coming to those who are interested in health and fitness in the country.

Beachbody is best of the best home fitness programs available for people who look for staying in shape and attain optimal health through the comfort of their homes.

As Beachbody coaching in Canada has opened its doors to the citizens, many people have been found wondering about the purchase of products and Beachbody challenge packs. Here is the solution to all your concerns on getting Beachbody products in Canada.

Does Beachbody Sell Its Products in Canada?

Yes, it does. The Beachbody products in Canada can be found in the retail stores, for now, and you can also avail them from the online Beachbody Stores.

Getting Beachbody Products in Canada from Retail Stores:

Many of the best Beachbody products especially P90X home video workouts and Shakeology can easily be located at the retail stores in Canada. You can find the Beachbody products such as P90X and Shakeology in Canada at Wall-Mart, Sears, Costco, and fitness-depot, among a few. Often the packing may differ, but the P90X logo will be the same.

With the launch of Beachbody coaching in Canada the practice of selling the products at the retail markets will be replaced with the purchase of products online for the coaches who will sign up for the prelaunch. This will help them attain the products and the Beachbody Challenge workouts at much lower price than from the retail stores.

Getting Beachbody Products in Canada Online:

You can order Shakeology and Beachbody workout programs online at any time. The procedure is simple, just indicate Canada as your country when checking out. There are no additional charges for shipping international orders.

The orders will be made in U.S. dollars till the time that Beachbody launches in Canada fully, estimated in 2013. Note: Some products are not available in Canada yet.

Coaching in Canada and Benefits of Purchasing Beachbody:

If you opt for becoming a coach with Beachbody in Canada, the prospects are even higher. Whether you buy the meal replacement drink or order P90X Extreme Fitness challenge, you are sure to attain them at much reduced costs and better benefits as a coach then as any other customer.

Here are the benefits you get as a Beachbody Coach:

  1. You will able to save 25% on all the Beachbody products you purchase

  2. Ease of access to all the marketing tools, training tools and much more to build your Beachbody team

  3. A part from easy and cost effective purchasing, you will earn about 25% commission of all the products you sell through Beachbody sites.

Can a Coach Resale Beachbody Products in Canada?

No! The import of Beachbody products and its resale is prohibited. Coaches cannot purchase products from Beachbody directly and then re-sell them. Some of the other restrictions on the coaches include:

  1. Coaches cannot advertise Beachbody products and bring more Beachbody coaches.

  2. The Coaches cannot call upon groups, “opportunity meetings” to discuss Beachbody coaching Business and Fitness coaching opportunities.

Starting since 1 October 2012, the Canadian citizens will be able to sign up with the team Beachbody and get the once in a lifetime opportunity of joining world-class fitness. Now begin your journey in the Team Beachbody Opportunity.

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