Back Pain Relief With Yoga

Back pain is an ailment that has spread rapidly in the urban parts of the western world. One of the main reasons for back pain is that people are constantly sitting in front of their computers all day long. Yoga is a powerful tool for getting rid of back pain. Several yoga exercises emphasize on stretching the back. You can also reap other benefits from these yoga exercises.

Take for example, the corpse pose. It is a very easy exercise with effective results regarding your back ache. This sequence is helpful in relaxing your back muscles. In order to do this exercise, you should lie on your back on an even surface, most suitably, the ground. Your arms should be lying parallel to your body, your legs flat and joined with each other. Bending of the knees is not essential but can be done from time to time. Deep respiration is part of this exercise which helps in relaxation. You should breathe very slowly while holding the above mentioned position.

The Moggy stretch is another of such yoga poses that will help you tackle your back related problems. In order to do this exercise, you must stand with your back straight. Your knees must be straight and your hands should be kept blow the shoulders. Once you have achieved this position, you should look downward in such a way that you are looking at your navel. Take a deep breath. While you exhale, raise your back upwards. This pose will ease out your back pain.

Sage twist is another yoga excercise that, if done on a regular basis, may greatly contribute in easing your stiff back. First, lie down on the ground with your back straight and legs stretched to the front. Lift your right knee and traverse it over your left leg. Your right foot must now touch the ground. Take your right elbow and place it on your left knee and then touch your right hip with the left hand. End by twisting over the shoulder. The simple yoga exercises mentioned above can be done very easily anywhere. They are very helpful in providing relief from back pain. Make sure that you do these exercises on a regular basis for maximum effect.

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