40 Healthy Holiday Gifts

Holiday shopping can be stressful. Between driving all over town, long lines in crowded stores, and the never-ending holiday music, it’s enough to make you want to throw up your hands and exclaim, “Bah, humbug!”

Assorted Beachbody Products

Let us help. We’ve put together a list of 40 Beachbody gift ideas that can help make everyone in your life feel not only happier, but healthier! We divided the gifts by price levels so all you have to do is decide how much you want to spend on someone, and choose from several suggestions within that range. All items are available online, so take off that winter jacket, grab a glass of Shakeology, and knock out your holiday shopping quickly—and with the confidence that the gifts you’re giving will enrich the lives of those who receive them!

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9 gifts at $25.00 or less:

  1. Tony and the Folks! ($9.95)

  2. Tony and the Kids! ($9.95)

  3. P90X® T-Shirt (Men) and P90X® T-Shirt (Women) ($19.95)

  4. Turbo Jam® Camouflage Tank ($19.95)

  5. Shaun T’s Fit Kids® Club ($19.95)

  6. Get Real with Shaun T ($19.95)

  7. Weighted Gloves ($19.95)

  8. P90X® Protein Bars ($23.95)

  9. $25.00 Team Beachbody® eGift Card

8 gifts at $50.00 or less:

  1. Chin-Up Max ($39.90)

  2. Total Body Solution ($29.95)

  3. Slimming Formula ($29.95)

  4. Chalene Johnson’s Get On the Ball ($39.90)

  5. B-LINES® Resistance Bands (39.95)

  6. Tony Horton’s Signature PowerStands® ($39.90)

  7. P90X® Results and Recovery Formula® ($54.95)

  8. $50.00 Team Beachbody® eGift Card

6 gifts at $75.00 or less:

  1. Brazil Butt Lift® ($59.85)

  2. Hip Hop Abs® ($59.85)

  3. Slim in 6® ( $39.90)

  4. P90X® Chin-Up Bar ($59.85)

  5. Turbo Jam® ($59.85)

  6. Bowflex® Strapless Heart Rate Monitor ($74.85)

6 gifts at $100.00 or less:

  1. Body Gospel® ($79.70)

  2. 10-Minute Trainer® ($79.90)

  3. RevAbs® ($89.85)

  4. ChaLEAN Extreme® ($89.85)

  5. INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® ($89.85)

  6. $100.00 Team Beachbody® eGift Card

5 gifts at $120.00 or less:

  1. Shakeology® ($119.95)

  2. TurboFire® ($119.70)

  3. P90X® ($119.85)

  4. P90X2 Base Kit ($119.85)

  5. INSANITY® ($119.85)

6 Ultimate Gifts:

  1. P90X ONE on ONE® ($239.40)

  2. INSANITY® Deluxe with Mat and Bonus Workout ($239.70)

  3. TurboFire®: The Complete System ($239.40)

  4. $250.00 Team Beachbody® eGift Card

  5. P90X2 Ultimate ($299.55)

  6. $500.00 Team Beachbody® eGift Card

All of these products can be purchased through my store. www.FreeCoachingWithHillary.com

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