3 Simple At-Home Exercises To Calm Your Body

Peace of mind can’t be achieved if your body is tense.

Physical & mental relaxation are so intimately linked that a calm mind requires a calm body. However, this doesn’t require an exercise facility.

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health.     
Dalai Lama

Here are some simple techniques for relaxing your body wherever you are.

1. Deep Breathing Exercises:

A gentle inhale & exhale can have an instantaneous effect on your physical and mental health.

Find a quiet place where ventilation is adequate and sit straight in a comfortable posture. Avoid unnecessary movements like swaying or rubbing on to any nearby object.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in through your nose for a count of 2, hold it for just a moment and then exhale for a count of 4 . Take another pause for a moment before inhaling again. Keep the inhalation a little shorter than the expiration. Don’t be vigorous; take slow, controlled breaths. This is not shallow breathing. Avoid holding it for long, because that will increase muscular tension rather than relieve it. In this way, you can progressively increase the lengths of your breaths starting from 2 ins and 4 outs, to 4 in and 6 outs, 6 ins, and 8 outs, for 5 minutes.

2. Muscular Stretching and Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR):

When body muscles are in flexed positions, our brain receives a signal that we are engaged, or are going to engage, in some kind of physical activity. In a calm atmosphere, on a soft surface, slowly stretch out your body while allowing your muscles to relax.

The PMR technique is to tense and then relax all the major muscle groups in your body one by one.

This exercise can be performed while seated comfortably on a chair and your feet firmly on the floor or while lying down.

Tighten your right fist for 5 to 7 seconds and focus on the increasing tension. Then slowly open your fist, concentrating on relaxing it, for about 20-30 seconds. Repeat with your left fist.

Repeat this technique for your forearms and biceps, one by one on both sides. Notice the different sensations of tensed and relaxed muscles.

Go through the next major group of muscles: the head, face, throat, and shoulders.

Move to the third major muscle group: chest, abdomen, and lower back.

End with the fourth major group, which includes the thighs, buttocks, calves, and feet. Repeat the entire process until your muscles feel reasonably relaxed.

3. Engage Yourself in Enjoyable Activities:

A hobby provides an excellent opportunity to practice your physical and mental rest. Engaging in something you enjoy after along stressful day can provide a boost of energy and contribute to a more composed state of mind. Things we enjoy and love to do can bring us that relaxation we seek. If you’re fond of writing, you can write a journal, too.

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