10 Soulful Activities to Bring You Joy 🌺 Essential Tips To Find Joy And Beauty In Everyday Life

Life is CRAZY right now with all that we are dealing with...depression, anxiety, and frustration have become so deeply rooted in the society that we often forget to do things that bring us true joy and nourish our spiritual health.

Finding the joy and beauty in your life is essential.🌺

Lately, I have been spending each morning outside watching the sunrise.  It's been bringing my heart so much joy during this challenging time.....

Finding the joy and beauty in your life is essential. It not only affects how you relate to what happens in your life but how you perceive those things. Depression, anxiety, and frustration have become so deeply rooted in the society that we often forget to do things that bring us true joy and nourish our spiritual health.

Body, mind, and spirit are interconnected. If your soul is well fed, you will be comfortable with—and positive about—what is happening in your life. Here are some ways to nourish your soul.

1. Spend Time in Nature and Appreciate Its Beauty.

Take an evening or morning walk—or both! Listen to the birds and smell the fragrance of the air. Walk among the trees and look for the drops of morning dew on their rustling green leaves.

2. Adopt a Hobby.

It can be anything you truly enjoy and brings your heart and soul happiness. Engaging in things that we love bring us the purest joy.

3. Engage in Creative Art.

Find out the new trends on web art galleries. Watch videos on creative work and try your hand a few pieces. You can also make an album out of your most favorite and memorable photos.

4. Practice Unconditional Love and Senseless Acts of Beauty, and Exercise Random Kindness.

Our souls seek pleasure from pleasing others, and making others happy feeds them.

5. Learn to Forget About Negative Experiences and Forgive Others.

Don’t invite drama into your own life by blaming or withholding forgiveness from others for their mistakes. The secret of unparalleled joy resides in forgiving people, regardless of whether they deserve it or not.

6. They Say Music Is Food for the Soul.

Play a musical instrument. It gives you a sensation of joy and a feel of composure and serenity. Or, listen to one of your favorite songs and even dance to its beats. Turn up the volume and ignore what’s going on around. Focus on the lyrics and let the rhythm of your heartbeat find the rhythm of your song.

7. Play with Kids.

Children are such adorable beings. Taking time to play with them can make your stress and tension seem so unimportant. Don’t feel shy; do the activities they like alongside them. Don’t worry about your age or how mature you know you are. Just carry yourself along in the moment and do weird things with them. Rediscover those activities you have always longed for since childhood. Relive your childhood for the sake of your soul.

8. Get Lost in a Good Book

It can take your mind of things and even better, choose some personal development books, learn something new. Expand your mind. Checkout my recommended reading here

9. Take a Warm Bath.

Soak in a bubble bath. Enjoy every single moment of it. You can also sing aloud under your shower. Be slow; don’t hurry.

10. Practice Meditation.

Sit comfortably in a dim, quiet, and calm environment. Focus on what’s happening in the present. Let thoughts come into your mind; don’t avoid them, but don’t hold onto them. Do not stress over them. Let them simply pass through. Pay attention to your breathing and listen to your heartbeat. Focus on any quiet noises in your surroundings. You will become more aware of your body and your environment.

Your soul needs to be fed and cared for just as much as your body!

You are in control. Take back what is yours and make your life all you know that it can be!

Are you ready?

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