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October Freebies

10 Benefits Of Running- Backed By Science

Whether you are already a runner..

Or are looking to start

Download This Helpful Guide

(free running workout included)

Holiday Survival Guide

Can you believe we're talking about the holidays? Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas are all going to be here before you know it!


I shared this Holiday Survival Guide on my stories the other day, but wanted to make sure that everyone got their hands on it - there is a lot of good advice in here! From healthier holiday recipes to tips for staying on track and enjoying every minute, we’ve got you covered!



Plus, I included 8 different workouts to help get you moving, even as the weather gets colder. These are some of our newest programs and they are all so good! If you are looking for a new full program or just a few workouts to try out, press play and try them out. I would love to hear what you think of them, so if you try one out, send me your thoughts!

Healthy Through the Holidays.jpg

Candie Bar Inspired Shakes

It’s that time of year- candy is everywhere and the sweet tooth is getting strong.


I definitely enjoy a few pieces of Halloween candy, but I have been trying to recreate the flavors of my favorite treats in my morning smoothie. It has been such a fun challenge and such a festive way to celebrate the season!


Looking for a good candy flavored shake recipe? I’ve got you covered!


Click the button below to download my favorites! 


What shake will you try first? What is your go to Halloween candy?

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