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January Freebies

Are you more of a sweet or salty lover?


I love sweets- cookies, cake, candy- you name it, if I see it, I want it!


That’s why I LOVE this PDF!


It is full of  5 recipes to cure any sweet tooth!


Of course, they aren’t the most healthy recipes in the world, but they are better than the originals- and I think they taste just as good!


Use the button below to access the PDF- you can download, Then save or print the PDF!



What recipe will you try first?

3b. Healthier Sweet Tooth Treats Graphic

IG Story Templates

I have been loving posting some fun Instagram stories lately


do you follow me there?


Click here if you don’t!


 I want you to get in on the fun!


Download these stories via the button below and then fill them out and post to your stories- and make sure to tag me @hillaryplauche


I have been LOVING goal setting this year- and I would love to hear yours too!


And the second template is just a fun one! 


Download both, fill them out and tag me!

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