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August Freebies

Did you know grilling your food is one of the healthier ways of cooking??

The fact that as your food cooks, most of the fat coming off of it falls to the bottom of the grill instead of soaking your meat in grease.  This can take a whopping amount of calories off your meal! 

There are numerous other benefits to having a BBQ-- one of the biggest being that it’s outside! You can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while you cook  

You can even find a good way to social distance with friends and family outside while hanging out around the grill.

Not only are BBQ’s healthy and delicious-- they bring people together. That’s why I’ve compiled 12 of the most mouthwatering BBQ recipes just for you! 

So what are you waiting for? Get out your tongs, turn up the heat , and get grilling! 

You can get all 12 recipes here! 

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