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About Hillary Plauche



Of course I look like I have my entire life together, I’ve helped thousands of people lose unwanted weight, I’ve built a team of over 30,000 Powerhouse Beachbody Coaches, and I’m a Superstar Beachbody Coach – ten years in the making.


Yeah, now it’s put together. But, to be honest, my life was once a hot steamy mess.

Losing myself:

The stats 2009:

225 pounds

5 foot 6 inches

Confidence level:


That wasn’t the only weight I carried around, I had a ton of emotional baggage I lugged around with me. I felt weighed down by everyday living. I was stuck in a negative-filled relationship full of perfectionism and restrictions.

If I tried to work out – I was told I didn’t do it right. If I tried to do something for me – I was called selfish.

The list is endless, honestly. Living like this, I lost touch with who I was and who I wanted to be, outside of being a mother. I lived my life to please everyone but me – and it had taken a toll. It didn’t help that I had this looming dark cloud over my head telling me what I was doing wrong every minute of the day.

I longed to break free and live my life the way I wanted to live it.

I never felt attractive, clothes shopping felt like torment, the mirror felt like my worst enemy, and I lost my body confidence – completely.

I was a stay-at-home mom, of course I loved my children, but in caring for everyone else but me I lost myself. I didn’t have the energy to do the things I wanted to do with my children. Even taking my kids to the beach would make me feel uneasy – a bathing suit… like this?…. Maybe next summer.

I put myself on the back burner, self-care time was non-existent, and I was on the verge of total burnout with no energy or motivation in sight to dig myself out of the hot, steamy mess.

I was beyond overweight.

I was overburdened – overwhelmed – and one day I realized…

I was

Burning desire


I just had absolutely no idea how I was going to get to the finish line. I wanted to lose weight, but every diet failed me. I felt restricted and depressed when it would come to making meals – that one piece of broccoli just wasn’t appetizing enough for me. (Talk about restrictions, right?)…

I felt alone with nowhere to turn for sound advice. I’d read books, picked up magazines, all of them had one major thing in common: bullsh*t diets that guaranteed nothing but a roller coaster ride with a ticket stamped for unlimited trips.

On again. Off again. On again.

Bet you’ve been there before too, right?

Oh, haven’t we all.

Igniting My Fire


One day, I came across Chalene Johnson whose results spoke volumes to me. She had her life together, looked incredible, lived a fit lifestyle, and offered incredible motivation and support to everyday momma’s like me. I was stuck to her every word like glue. And, she didn’t support me all by herself, I became part of a motivational community – and for once, I didn’t feel alone anymore.

I made the decision to commit to my new life and make my health a top priority.

I plugged time into my calendar to work out – because an appointment to work on me was just as important, if not more, as any other number on my to-do list.

As a stay-at-home mom, I didn’t have to leave my home to workout. I felt like I hit the jackpot, no crazy membership fees to gyms I could never get to, and I still had a supportive motivational community to keep me on my game.

My Results


70 pounds GONE in only 265 days!

I became a new woman- body, mind, heart, and soul.

I unleashed the woman who was hiding under restrictions, lack of self-care, an endless to-do-list, and emotional sadness.

My cravings – kicked.

My weight – dropped.

My confidence – well, I built it because I never fully had it.

The bottom line: I always had the fire inside me, but I lost who I was until I finally committed to myself.

As the weight came off, my confidence strengthened, and as the inches fell off, my personality and charisma found its way back into my life.  My family became happier because I was a happier woman.

I didn’t stop there.

I became a Beachbody coach because I wanted to help women and men who were stuck where I once stood – lost, alone, confused, and afraid. I knew in my heart that if I could do it – anybody could do it.

I did the inner work needed, the mindset makeover, the everyday decisions that affected my entire life, and I finally felt



Finding Your Fire

Commitment is essential to change your life.

Support is the firm foundation on which you can build your life on.

Today, my life is everything I’ve always wanted it to be, but as you can see it wasn’t all glitz and glam.

We all have a journey to take, this is just a sneak peek into mine.

If you want to break free from endless cravings, diets and restrictions, emotional eating, and unleash a better version of yourself – then, I’m just the woman to help you do it all.

Ready to ignite fire back into your life?

We need to chat, whether it is getting fit, or changing something in your life, I am your girl to help you see it & make it happen too!

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